Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Rice Insecticides Market Report Published

CCM International has launched a new report on rice insecticides recently, namely Survey of Rice Insecticides in China. The report gives you a comprehensive description of China’s rice insecticides market from aspects of supply, demand, MNCs’ dynamic, future development, etc.

Rice, following corn, has the second largest crop planting area of 29.63 million hectares in 2009 in China. And about 45% of the total rice planting area in China suffer from rice insect damage each year. China produced over 745,000 tonnes of insecticides in 2010, of which about 32,000 tonnes (calculated by 100% tech.) was used to kill insects in rice fields. What is the general situation of rice planting in China in the recent three years? What is the change of the domestic rice insecticides market in the recent three years?

The usage volume of insecticides on rice, which occupies about 10% of the total usage of pesticides China, is more than that of any other crops. It is certain that market size of rice insecticides will keep on increasing and the competition between local suppliers and MNCs will be fiercer in the following years. What are the major insecticides using on rice in the recent three years? Which manufacturer produce these products? What is the situation of these insecticides in the recent three years, such as register situation, market share, demand, price, etc.?  What is the future of these rice insecticides in China?

In recent years, many MNCs have attached great importance to the promotion of new insecticides in China’s rice fields, which intensified the market competition of rice insecticides in China. How are the promotion situation of MNCs' brands? What are the differences between domestic and overseas company in circulation channel?

All questions will be answered in CCM International’s rice insecticides report. If you need more information about this report, please feel free to contact us at

The report focuses on the following aspects:
-Figure out market summary of rice insecticides in China in recent 3 years.
-Provide supply and demand situation of major rice insecticides, including abamectin, chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid, etc. In particular, market share of key products by players or by insects will be emphasized.
-Reveal MNCs’ dynamics in Chinese rice insecticide market, and figure out promotion situation of several popular brands of rice insecticides of MNCs, such as Rynaxypyr, Virtako, and so on.
-Progress circulation channel study of rice insecticides through comparison of domestic companies and overseas companies.
-Forecast future development of rice insecticides in China.

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