Thursday, December 15, 2011

Increasing Sucrose Supply Might Drag Fast Development of Starch Sugar

CCM International has newly released the December issue of Sweeteners China News, with the top story that the increasing sucrose supply might slow down the fast development of starch sugar, such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and glucose.

Compared with other sweeteners, sucrose is the best replacement for starch sugar. As the sweetness, properties and application ranges of sucrose are much closer to those of starch sugar. The improvement in sucrose industry can affect the starch sugar industry obviously. That means inadequate supply and price increase of sucrose can boost the development of starch sugar, while rising supply might slow down its growth.

China's output of sucrose may reach 12 million tonnes in the extraction season of 2011/2012 (from October 2011 to April 2012), according to Mr. Ma, Vice Chairman of China Sugar Association (CSA). That is to say the demand growth of starch sugar may decline due to the increase in sucrose supply.

Starch sugar producers admit the influence of expected sucrose supply, but they also believe that the starch sugar industry will develop in 2012. For example, a sales manager of Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., one main glucose producer with capacity of 300,000t/a, expressed that the demand for starch sugar will increase in 2012 thanks to its lower price compared with sucrose, but its growth rate may be lower than that of 2011 due to the increase in sucrose supply. In general, the starch sugar industry will keep on developing in 2012, but the speed may be slower.

More details please check Sweeteners China News 1112.  Headline News includes:
-On 2 November 2011, MEP carries out environmental verification of starch, starch sugar and alcohol producers.
-Stevia sweetener's application as a natural and non-caloric sweetener in food and beverages in the EU has finally been approved on 12 November 2011, which will drive Chinese stevia sweetener industry forward.
-Though China's stachyose industry develops better in 2011 than 2010, it still faces some challenges. However, it is believed that it also embraces opportunities brought by the end products.
-It is reported that Jiangsu Lianwei will launch a cyclamate project in Q1 2012; however, insiders of the cyclamate industry have a negative outlook about this project.
-Capacity expansion of erythritol may exacerbate its overcapacity in the near future, since the market demand grows slower than the capacity does.
-On 15 November 2011, Hebei Shengxue is listed on Tianjin Property Rights Exchange to transfer 93.181% of its share due to the net profit loss. However, its net profit loss is likely to be a special case in the prosperous domestic glucose market. 
-On 29 October 2011, JK Sucralose held a foundation stone laying ceremony of its third phase of sucralose project, indicating the company's confidence in the good prospect of sucralose.
-Domestic price of fructo oligosaccharide has witnessed a downtrend since July 2011 majorly due to the price decrease of its key raw material sucrose.……

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