Monday, December 19, 2011

Fuliang Chen to Delivery Speech on EC Formulations During CCPS

The presentation, with the topic of “Identify the Latest EC Formulations Policy”, will provide you with the latest information about EC formulation, including market situation, the newly-released policies, the policy influence and most importantly the development.

Professor Chen is the expert of pesticide formulation and has unique opinion about the development of domestic EC formulations. He will share his insightful analysis of EC formulation during the speech. You can not miss it! Hurry up to join CCPS 2012! We are looking forward to your participation!

Outline of Identify the Latest EC Formulations Policy:
-Market situation of EC formulations in China
-New EC formulations policy from MIIT and MOA
-How it is going to work on the development of EC formulations
-R&D of substitutes and development of eco-friendly solvents for EC formulations

Dr. Fuliang Chen, Committee member of Pesticide Committee to China Society of Plant Protection. He has been engaging in pesticide formulation research in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences since 1995. Mr. Chen mainly focuses on research of pesticide formulation, pesticide bioassay and inert ingredient. He has participated in many research projects and won many awards. Being responsible for the new varieties development of pesticide formulations, he has developed tens of pesticide mixtures and single microemulsion formulations, seven of which are even the first microemulsion varieties in China. Mr. Chen also researched deeply in the stabilization of pesticide microemulsion. He is the expert of pesticide formulation. He cooperated with tens of enterprises in China, and more than 10 pesticide formulations were industrialized in those enterprises. What’s more, he set the criterions for more than 10 pesticides and helped them achieve pesticide registrations.

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