Friday, December 16, 2011

Process Technology Workshop to be Held during CCPS 2012

A workshop on process technology will be held on the morning of March 8th , 2012 in Ramada Plaza Gateway, Shanghai during CCPS 2012, organized by CCM International, a leading market research consultant company in China.

The workshop, with the topic of “Process Technology for Producing Agrochemical Actives - the Foundation for Profitable Business”, will provide audience with theoretic and practical information on the process and cost of agrochemical actives production. Two experts, Dr. Peter Nightingale and Dr. Robert John Bryant will co-chair the event.

Dr. Peter Nightingale, Director to Development Chemicals Ltd, is an expert with wide experience in the field of agrochemical actives production and process. While Dr. Robert John Bryant is a fine chemical consultant who specializes in business development and marketing studies and techno-economic assessment projects for the global fine chemical industry.

By studying the real cases suggested by registered audience, the two experts will share their insightful advices on the problems you confronted and wish to solve. Process technology is a key factor to influence the profitability of a company. This workshop meets all your needs to understand the business better and discover more opportunities to create greater profit.

Specific topics to be discussed in this workshop include:
1. Major agrochemicals used in China
- Review of the top twenty active ingredients made and used in China
- Processes used to make these TCs will be reviewed
2. Cost of production
- Process definition
- Sourcing raw materials / intermediates
- Getting realistic prices
- Models for calculating costs (raw material costs, fixed costs, capital costs)
- Comparing costs of competitors in China and abroad
3. Detailed evaluation of major technical challenges
- Advice on how to develop/improve own processes, with following topics available for discussion:
- Route selection, chemical development and scale-up
- Deriving the maximum information from each experiment/test run
- Process flow sheets to control material balance
- Focusing on critical cost elements to reduce overall costs
- Minimising effluents and effective environmental control

For event booking, please contact Coco Yang at or 86-20-37616606.

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