Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Challenges and Opportunities in China's Seed Industry under New Policy

A workshop on China's seed industry is going to be held in Beijing on September 21, 2011.

Hosted by Beijing Seed Fair, the leading seed trade fair in China has a  history of 18 years, and the workshop is co-hosted by CCM, a professional consulting company with 3-year crop protection summit organization experience.

Experienced seed experts will be invited as speakers of the seminar, and they will discuss the development of seed industry in a presentation entitled, "Challenges and Opportunities in China's Seed Industry under New Policy". Domestic seed giant companies, well-known seed experts and important governmental officers will attend the workshop as well.

The seed industry has witnessed a rapid development in recent years. With the release of the governmental policy "Suggestions for Accelerating Development of Modern Crop Seed Industry" in April 2011, the seed industry will enter a new development stage. What kind of opportunities ahead for the seed manufacturers? How to seize the opportunities? What challenges will the seed companies face? You will find all the answers in this workshop.

The following highlights will be delivered during the seminar:
-Current situation of the seed industry in China, including seed market size and market structure, analysis of domestic key seed players and dynamic of overseas seed companies, progress of seed transgenosis technology and domestic science research, confronted problems, etc.
-Analysis of seed policy in China, including background and main purpose of policy, integration of the seed industry and establishment of commercialized seed-planting system, etc.
-Opportunities in China's seed industry, such as various solutions to deal with the new policy for the different companies, and confronted problems, etc.

Join us for the presentation, you might get inspired by the surprising ideas shared by our experts.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Biotech Crop Breeding and Bio-pesticides Urge to Grow in China

China takes up 22% of the population in the world but with only 10% of global farmland. The figure tells the stress on Chinese food supply. Added with natural catastrophes, China is now urgently looking for new ways to make full use of every inch of the arable land. Biotech crop breeding may be a good choice.
Biotech Crop Breeding is not a brand-new concept to China, for it has been implementing the Agriculture Biosafety Regulation since 1996. Experiments applying in this kind of technology have never ceased at the moment. After being granted the Biosafety license, China has bred more than 20 hybrid combinations, among which the biotech rice resisting to insect pests is an outstanding achievement.
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China’s Abamectin Industry Seeking Breakthrough by Joint Efforts

Abamectin prospects a bright future but it is overcapacity due to chaotic production and fierce competition since 2008, hindering the development of the whole industry. For the sustainable and healthy growth of the industry, large-scale abamectin enterprises have jointed to build a synergy group working together with crop protection industry associations.

Abamectin with rapid development relies on its high effectiveness, low toxicity, wide spectrum on insect and no residue on soil. With the phase-out of five kinds high toxicity pesticide, namely, methamidophos, parathion-methyl, parathion, moncrotophos and phosphamidon, abamectin has won its place in insecticide. Beside, China pays more attention to the investment in crop protection, environment protection and energy-saving, and abamectin becomes the substitute of high toxicity pesticide, which provides great opportunity for its growth.

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