Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Edition of Powder Wood Activated Carbon Report Released

Compared with the first edition, the second edition is more comprehensive, since CCM International has made further survey on the top 12 activated carbon producers. The following aspects are added in the wood activated carbon report edition2:
-Production processes of wood activated carbon in China
-Technology condition of GWAC and EWAC in China
-Consumption pattern of GWAC and EWAC in different end use segments in China
-Detailed introductions of top 12 producers of wood activated carbon in China

It’s necessary to study China’s wood activated carbon industry because this industry has enjoyed fast growth in recent years and it is estimated to have a promising development in the future. For example, wood activated carbon’s capacity and output have witnessed quick increase in the past years. The production of wood activated carbon in the world is gradually transferring to China. In 2009, China became the largest wood activated carbon producer in the world.

Among all types of wood activated carbon, powder wood activated carbon via phosphoric acid activation method (PWACP) is the main type in China. With the character of relatively low environmental pollution and low energy consumption, phosphoric acid activation method becomes more and more popular in China.

In addition, wood activated carbon is widely applied in many fields. The main consumption pattern of the granule activated carbon includes water treatment and chemical industry, while that of the extruded activated carbon covers the automobile and chemical industry. And the main applications of PWACP are concentrated in sugar industry, fermentation industry, soft drinks and chemical industry. Recently, the overseas demand also increases quickly.

Besides, what kinds of foreign supports are there in wood activated carbon production technology? How are the production situations of top 12 activated carbon producers in China? What is the production situation of granule wood activated carbon (GWAC) and extruded wood activated carbon (EWAC) in China?

All the above questions will be answered in the second edition report of wood activated carbon. By learning the insightful and profound analysis of China’s wood activated carbon market, you might discover more business opportunities in the future. If you are interested in this report, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Guangzhou China, December 7, 2011)

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