Friday, December 2, 2011

CCM International Releases Market Report of Glucono-delta-lactone

The third edition report of glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) was newly-released by CCM International this November, namely Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China. The report presents you an in-depth analysis of China’s GDL market from aspects of production, export, technology, consumption, future forecast, etc.

China is an country of important glucono-delta-lactone production in the world. Since 2008, domestic GDL industry has been affected by the global financial crisis. In 2011, domestic GDL sees stable recovery and some producers have been washed out due to profit deficit, while some have still expanded their production capacity. Through this report, you can find out the latest production situation of glucono-delta-lactone in China.

There are about ten active GDL producers nationwide in 2011. China's total output of GDL reaches 16,000 tonnes in 2010. Among them, Anhui Xingzhou Medicine Food Co., Ltd. is
the largest producer at present. What is the latest information about the producers in China? Meanwhile, food is the biggest consumption field in China. So what is the latest consumption pattern of GDL in China?

Additionally, the major production technology of GDL is fermentation method technology. However, current fermentation method in China still causes some pollutants. With the stricter domestic environmental policy, it will lead to more production cost to domestic producers, considering its high three-waste treatment cost. What is the development trend of domestic production technology concerning GDL?

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, what other changes in GDL industry can be seen from 2006 to 2010? What will be the overall development trend of GDL industry in China?
All answers can be found in this report.
This report combines CCM International's expertise in GDL market research. Highlights of this report are listed as follows:
-Production situation in China
-Export analysis and forecast
-Technique Analysis
-Description on consumption pattern, apparent consumption and application fields
-Forecast on supply and demand of in Chinese GDL by different scenarios

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