Friday, December 9, 2011

Development of China’s Hybridization Breeding Soybean Keeps Growing

CCM International has published the latest Issue of Seed China News on November 30th , 2011, indicating that the development of soybean hybridization breeding is expected to improve the competitiveness of China's non-transgenic soybeans.

China is capably to produce hybridization breeding soybean. For example, Anhui Province is a major soybean-planting province in China, with an annual planting area of over 666,666.67 ha. (10 million mu). The province's soybean hybridization breeding, especially for high-protein soybeans, has led the country. By three-line breeding methods, some summer soybeans with higher yield, such as "Zayoudou 1", have been successfully cultivated and released in the province and surrounding areas.

It's believed that the new cross-breeding and cultivation technology would be essential to revitalize China's soybean industry. The improvement in soybean seed breeding would reduce farmers' purchase cost of hybrid soybean seeds. The planting efficiency of soybean would be greatly improved, with upgrading of yield and quality.

Many industrial insiders also advocate to enhance domestic protein processing business, in order to expand the consumption of non-transgenic soybeans. Actually, non-transgenic soybeans are thought to be the material most appropriate for protein processing. It appears that the demand for non-transgenic soybeans continues to increase globally, with the development of protein processing industry.

It’s noteworthy that some domestic oil companies still insist on extract oil mainly with non-tansgenic soybeans. "Only by building our non-GM brand can we compete with international cereals and oils giants," said Vice President of a cereals and oils industrial group in Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China.

All findings are from CCM International’s Seed China News 1111. The headline news include:
-The Government of Anhui Province released suggestions for developing modern seed industry, indicating the strategy to support leading seed companies.
-The two-line wheat breeding technology is expected to realize industrialization in China.
-China continues to attach importance to crop breeding through space mutation, aiming to develop more abundant variety resources.
-IRRI, CAAS and BGI jointly launched Rice 3,000 Genomes Project in Shenzhen City, South China.
-Winall Hi-tech buys "Wushan Simiao" to enrich the rice variety structure and make more profits in rice seeds.
-Hunan Jinjian is transferred by HJCI owing to HJCI’s lack of ability and willingness to strengthen the seed business.
-Shandong Denghai establishes a joint venture to expand business scope.
-Golden Rice sets up a special research department, aiming to build a commercial rice-breeding system.
-The developing hybridization breeding of soybean is expected to improve the competitiveness of China's non-transgenic soybeans.
-Multinational giants are marking great efforts to enhance seed treatment business in China.

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