Friday, December 2, 2011

China’s Output of α-Amylase Expected to Keep Growing

A new report, entitled Production and Market of α-Amylase in China published by CCM International in November 2011, shows that China's output of α-amylase is estimated to keep increasing in next five years.

α-Amylase is an important and the first enzyme industrially produced in China. Among various kinds of enzymes, its output is relatively large in China. Currently, there are three categories of α-amylase in the market: high temperature-resistant α-amylase, medium temperature α-amylase and fungal α-amylase.

Almost all of the α-amylase producers in China produce high temperature-resistant α-amylase and medium temperature α-amylase. The production of fungal α-amylase hasn't been industrialized in China until 2010 and the product is almost supplied by Novozymes and Jiangsu Wuxi Genencor Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Wuxi Genencor). These two companies also share the major part of China's market of both kinds of α-amylase produced from bacterium and fungi.

In 2010, China's total output of α-amylase reaches 26,000 tonnes with 7.41% of CAGR from 2004 to 2010. In 2009, around 50% of its total output is consumed in distilled spirit's production. A large part of its output also goes to detergent, textile, wheat-based products and starch processing.

China's output of α-amylase is estimated to keep increasing in next five years, according to CCM International’s survey.

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