Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 BBS Summit to hold in Shanghai in April

The 2013 China (International) Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit (2013 BBS Summit) is going to be held by the Biogas Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, World Biomass Association, etc. in Shanghai during April 22-23, 2013. The theme of the summit is "The Power from the Sun, the Road to Bioenergy". And the topics of the summit will involve the technologies of bioenergy and biomass utilization, covering bioenergy investment and financing, bio-based chemicals, aviation biofuel, second-generation biofuels, densified biomass fuel, MSW (municipal solid waste)-fired power generation, straw and methane power generation, biofuel cell and so on.

On March 4, 2013, China Pharmaceutical Group Limited (China Pharmaceutical) issued a notice that the company was renamed to CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (CSPC Pharmaceutical). And its English short name was changed from CHINA PHARMA to CSPC PHARMA. As a matter of fact, as early as Jan. 22, 2013, the company said that the Board proposed that the company's name should be changed in accordance with the brand of its products, which can better promote the company's image and brand. China Pharmaceutical has been using CSPC as the brand of its products over the years, which has already become a famous brand in China.

Corn Products China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of corn market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include the latest information on new price fluctuation, new market trends and intelligence, new legislations and policies, new technologies, new area dynamics and new corn supply that are shaping the market.

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