Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Renowned Experts from Leading Companies to Speak in CCPS 2012

The 4th China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS), organized by CCM International, is going to take place at Shanghai Ramada Plaza Gateway on March 8th to March 9th, 2012. This amazing event has attracted attentions of leading companies and renowned experts. So far, more than 15 famous experts from domestic and overseas leading companies are confirmed to be speakers during the summit.

The distinguished expert speakers include:
Roman Macaya, President, AgroCare(Chairman)
Dr. Peter Nightingale & Dr. Robert Bryant, Agranova (WorkshopLeader)
Leonard A. Miller & Telisport W. Putsavage, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP (Workshop Leader)
Mr. Gregory A. Hanger, Business Development Leader, Dow AgroSciences LLC
Jinyu Zhang, Business Manager, BASF
Dr. Venkatesh Devanur, Managing Director, SOM Phytopharma (India) Limited
Yifa Wang, Professor, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Cong Zhang, Professor, China Agricultural University
Fuliang Chen, Professor, Plant Protection Institute of CAAS
Yueli Zhang, Registered Consulting Engineer, China National Chemical Corporation
Shicheng Wang, General Manager, Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
Qingsong Wang, Vice General Manager, Shanghai HeBen-EastSun Medicaments Co., Ltd.
… …

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