Thursday, December 8, 2011

White Biotechnology Webinar Only 10 Days to Go

A free webinar on white biotechnology (WB) is going to be held at 16:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time) on Dec. 15th , 2011. The webinar, with the topic of “Future of White Biotechnology in China – Governmental Policy and Feedstock”, is only 10 days to go.

Organized by CCM International, a professional market research company with more than 10 years experience, the webinar has attracted people’s attentions from multinational companies around the world. Currently, registered companies include Novozymes, National Algae Association, IFPEN, and
Purac Biochem BV
, etc.

Driven by its substantial benefits for society, environment and economy, China’s WB industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. Investors and businessmen concern more about the future development of WB in China. CCM International’s WB webinar provides you with a great opportunity to find a true market of WB and discover the potential business opportunities in China, with in-depth analysis and convincing data.

As we know, many regulations on WB industry and policies on feedstock in WB industry have been issued in the last decade to boost the development of WB industry. But do you know which regulations made remarkable influence in WB market and what kind of subsidies and encouragements did the government offer to stimulate the WB investment in China?

Food feedstock, non-food feedstock, vegetable & animal oil and lignocellulosic raw materials are four major categories of China’s renewable feedstock. What are the market situations of these renewable feedstocks?

PLA and fuel ethanol are two promising WB products in China. What are the production situations of these two products, and most importantly how will the future trend go and what kind of opportunities in these two products?

All answers will be shared in CCM International’s white biotechnology webinar. You can not miss.
We are looking forwards to your participation.

The webinar is only 10 days to go, just register first and you can take part in this amazing event. Check for more details about the event, or just contact us at 

 (Guangzhou, China, December 5, 2011)

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