Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Driving Forces Changing Crop Protection Markets

A keynote speech, with the topic of Driving Forces that are Changing Crop Protection Markets will be launched during CCM International’s CCPS 2012, on March 9th, 2012 at Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai, China.

Mr. Gregory A. Hanger, leading expert in crop protection industry and Business Development Leader to Dow AgroSciences LLC will deliver the speech. Mr. Hanger used to define market opportunity that led to spinetoram (Delegate® and Radiant®) insecticide launched in 2008 and define critical success factors for new sap feeding insecticides, which led to sulfoxaflor insecticide (to be launched in 2012). He brought greater focus on DAS Ag Chem Discovery Research Goals by clearly defining critical driving forces and their impact on long-term market opportunities. In addition, Mr. Hanger also co-authored a publication, entitled The Benefits of Pesticides… A Story Worth Telling, which makes great influence in crop protection industry.

The presentation will review some of the key driving forces and how they will shape future customers’ requirements which the industry will need to and can successfully address.

As we know, over the past decade, the global crop protection market has been going through dramatic transformation brought about by the impact of biotechnology alternatives, changes in regulatory requirements, pest resistances, pest shifts, and other key drivers. Dramatic changes will continue throughout the foreseeable future and our industry will need to learn to anticipate and adapt. 

There are several key driving forces that have and will continue to force changes throughout all levels of the food and feed production chain. These driving forces can also provide direction as to the level of innovation and critical attributes that will be required to meet customers’ demand in the future. 

This presentation provides a perfect platform for you to discover the most crucial driving forces that change the crop protection market so that you might make wiser business decisions. Join CCPS 2012 to hear the keynote speech by Mr. Gregory A. Hanger.

For event booking, please contact Coco Yang at econtact@cnchemicals.com or 86-20-37616606.

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