Friday, December 2, 2011

Carpoly Busy Preparing IPO for Expanding Coating Capacity

The latest issue of Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1111 has been published by CCM International on November 25, 2011. It indicates that Carpoly, the largest coating producer in China, prepares for IPO to raise funds for coating capacity expansion.

Carpoly’s IPO projects include two projects from its subsidiary Guangdong Carpoly Scientific Materials Co., Ltd. (210,000 t/a coating production and its auxiliary projects, high performance coating R&D center construction project) and two projects from Carpoly (marketing network transformation & upgrade project, information system upgrade project).

Carpoly’s IPO operation meets the environmental protection requirements for IPO. Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) proclaimed the results of Carpoly's IPO Environmental Protection Inspection (EPI) on 8 Nov. 2011.

According to MEP's report, Carpoly consumed about eight thousand tonnes of TiO2 in 2010, up 29% year on year. Once Carpoly gets listed, it is obvious that its capacity of coatings will further increase, which leads to larger consumption of TiO2.

You might discover more details in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1111 with the following headline news:
-China encounters fading TiO2 export VS booming import in Sept. 2011.
-Sichuan Lomon and Shandong Dongjia both attempt IPO again, aiming at developing chloride TiO2.
-TiO2 multinationals benefit from higher selling prices, and manage to offset the impact of raw materical cost increase.
-Cristal plans to build a new titanium slag plant in Saudi Arabia, which will aggravate the already serious shortage of ilmenite.
-Iluka, Kenmare, Rio Tinto all get strong production of titanium feedstock in Q3 2011.
-Carpoly prepares for IPO to raise funds for coating capacity expansion.
-Dulux reinforces its position in China by absorbing Campelpaint.
-China's TiO2 price decline goes on in Nov. 2011, with no sign of ending.
-Kronos sets off TiO2 price hike that will take effect on 1 Jan. 2011.(Guangzhou China, November 28, 2011)

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