Friday, December 9, 2011

Sixth Edition of Titanium Dioxide Market Report Comes Out

CCM International has published the sixth edition of the titanium dioxide series reports in November 2011, namely Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China (The Sixth Edition).

Undoubtly, China is the biggest country both in titanium dioxide production and consumption. The output of titanium dioxide in China has been increasing rapidly in the past five years. From 2006 to 2010, the output has increased with CAGR of 12.57%. The titanium dioxide market in China has enjoyed fast development in recent years.

Nevertheless, along with tremendous growth in the past few years, the limitations are more and more obvious, coming from technology, product quality and environmental protection. Technology of chloride process in China is still poor and the core technology is monopolized by overseas enterprises. How do domestic enterprises develop the chloride process? In order to raise the product quality, what are they endeavoring to? As the pressure from environment becomes harder and harder, how do they handle their three waste treatment?

Thus, focusing on such spots, we have done broadly investigation and deeply analysis and tried to find out how Chinese enterprises overcome the obstacles and how the titanium dioxide industry will evolve in the near future. After a great deal of work, we have accumulated full-scale of information of the titanium dioxide industry and made some valuable conclusions. So by reading this report, you will come to know:

- Production situation of titanium dioxide in China
- Stocks supply of titanium dioxide in China
- Market situation of titanium dioxide in China
- Enterprises dynamics in China, 2009-2011
- Latest trend of Chinese titanium dioxide international trade, 2009-2011
- Policy & legislation in China
- Development of titanium dioxide industry in the future
- Development of chloride process
- Forecast on supply and demand of titanium dioxide in China, 2011-2015
- Investment opportunity in titanium dioxide industry

(Guangzhou China, November 29, 2011)

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