Monday, December 19, 2011

What is Future Trend of Fluorine-containing Pesticide?

CCM International will host CCPS 2012 on March 8th  - 9th , 2012, at Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai, China. During the event, there will be a speech on fluorine-containing pesticides and their intermediates, made by Wei Zhang, President to Shanghai Sinofluoro Scientific Co., Ltd.

By analyzing the importance and market situation of fluorine-containing pesticides and their intermediates, Mr. Zhang, expert on fluorinated polysiloxane medicine and pesticide intermediates, will point out his insightful idea about the future of fluorine-containing pesticides’ industrial chain.

Majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Mr. Zhang graduated from Tianjin University in 2002, and he also got his master degree of Organic Chemistry there in 2005. Mr. Zhang used to work in iGroup - CAS China Office and many other chemical companies. Since 2008, he has been in charge of different positions in Shanghai Sinofluoro Scientific Co., Ltd., such as General Manager, President, etc. Mr. Zhang focuses on the market research and technical transformation of fluorinated polysiloxane medicine and pesticide intermediates, as well as new materials.

The topic of this speech is “Market Analysis of Fluorine-containing Pesticides and their Intermediates”. Mr. Zhang will discuss it from the following aspects:
-Introduction (market analysis) of major fluorine-containing pesticides

If you are interested in this presentation, please do not hesitate to join our CCPS 2012! We are looking forward to your participation!

For event booking, please contact Coco Yang at or 86-20-37616606.

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