Thursday, December 22, 2011

Survey of PAP and Paracetamol in Asia Pacific Comes Out

CCM International newly published Survey of PAP and Paracetamol in Asia Pacificin December 2011. The report provides you with detail information of production, IE and consumption situation of targeted Asia Pacific countries. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of different regional producers and their investment environment, this report reveals the challenge and opportunity in the AP paracetamol market. It is perfect for you to learn a comprehensive AP paracetamol market and make wiser business decisions.

Asia is the largest origin of paracetamol, as China and India supply 80% of the global paracetamol market in 2010. Meanwhile, the huge population makes it the largest consumption market of the world. Asia consumes 65,400 tonnes of paracetamol—half of the global output of 2010. As the economy develops, the Asia market will become more and more important.
In this report, the six most populous countries of AP including China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Japan are well studied. Based on the potential of the current market, the panorama of Asian paracetamol can be drawn out.

What are the latest production situation in AP and the consumption details of PAP and paracetamol? What is the market change of PAP and paracetamol in 2006-2010? How is the future development of PAP and paracetamol in 2011-2015? All these aspects can be found in this report. In addition, relevant policies and regulations are also covered in this report. This report combines CCM International's expertise in PAP and paracetamol market research. If you are interested in this report, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Key sections of this report:
- PAP production situation in China, 2008-2010
- Import and export situation of PAP in China, 2000-2010
- Detailed description on consumption patterns and various application fields, 2010
- Forecast on PAP supply and demand of in China, 2011-2015
- The paracetamol production details in AP, 2008-2010
- Import and export situation of paracetamol in AP, 2006-2010
- Paracetamol consumption pattern in AP, 2009-2010
- Forecast on paracetamol supply and demand of in China, 2011-2015

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