Friday, December 2, 2011

China’s Pectinase Production to Keep Increasing in the Future

CCM International has published the latest report of Production and Market of Pectinase in China, indicating that the production of pectinase will keep increasing gradually in the future.

Pectinase's production scale is relatively small compared with the main enzyme products in China, such as α-amylase and gluco-amylase. Before 2003, the demand for pectinase in China is met by foreign producers. But the situation changed thanks to the development of domestic producers after 2003. Tianjin Noao Sci & Tech Development Co., Ltd. (Tianjin Noao), Henan Yangshao Bio-engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong KDN Biotech Group are the major domestic pectinase producers now. In 2010, total output of pectinase reaches 961 tonnes in China with a CAGR of 12.40% during 2004-2010. In spite of this, some pectinase providers and users prefer imported high-quality products.

In China, pectinase is divided into two categories: acidic pectinase (pH3-pH5) and alkaline pectinase (pH8-pH10) according to the pH range. Acidic pectinase's research and application is relatively mature compared with alkaline pectinase. Almost all of domestic pectinase producers produce just acidic pectinase except for Shandong KDN Biotech Group who makes both alkaline pectinase and acidic pectinase.

Both alkaline pectinase and acidic pectinase are mainly produced by microbial fermentation method but with different microorganisms in China. Solid pectinase is produced by solid-state fermentation (SSF) method and liquid type by liquid-state submerged fermentation (LSSF) method.

With the development of pectinase market in China, production of pectinase will keep increasing gradually in the future.

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