Friday, December 16, 2011

What is Future Development of Bio-pesticides in China?

The topic of this speech is “Market Situation and Future Trend of Bio-pesticides in China” and Zhenhua Guan, Marketing and Sales Director to Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd. will be the speaker. He will show audience a comprehensive Chinese bio-pesticide market by insightful analysis from aspects of market situation, R&D, driver for development and most importantly, the prospect of this industry.

Bio-pesticide becomes more and more popular nowadays and its future development attracts people’s attentions. This talk provides you with a perfect opportunity to discover the potential opportunities for prospect of bio-pesticide development. If you are interested in this speech, please do not hesitate to join CCPS 2012. We are looking forward to your participation!

Zhenhua Guan graduated from Guangdong Ocean University in 2003, majoring in Agriculture Science. Mr. Guan, Marketing and Sales Director to Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd., has been working in the company since 2003, taking responsible for the jobs related to sales, marketing, management and consultancy. Having been engaged in biological pest control, Mr. Guan has insightful idea about domestic agrochemical market in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry and Grassland.

The speech will cover the following aspects:  
-Current market situation of bio-pesticide
-Bio-pesticide R&D in China
-Drivers for bio-pesticide’s fast development

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