Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CCPS’s Agricultural Chemical Investment Workshop to Interact with Experts

Two workshops will be held simultaneously by CCM International during CCPS 2012, on the morning of March 8th, 2012 in Ramada Plaza Gateway, Shanghai. With the topic of An Outsider’s View of Investing the Chinese Agricultural Chemical Industry, this workshop features interaction and discussion with experts, which is quite different from others. If you are tired of hearing long presentation from one expert on one topic, this workshop is specially designed for you.

Leonard A. Miller and Telisport W. Putsavage from Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, as well as several other direct investors, joint venturers and companies that source in China are going to present their views on investing in China, investing in agriculture and investing in agricultural chemicals. This workshop is especially fit for starters’ investment in China.

In this workshop, you can enjoy:
-A panel of members to deliver short presentations
-Different views from investors, international buyers, lawyers on Chinese agrochem market
-Plenty of time to interact and discuss with experts
-Information on Chinese financial, legal and general investment environment

This workshop focuses on the following topics:
-Transparency in corporate ownership
-Verifiable financial information
-Identity of actual producing facilities
-Chinese government attitudes and regulations governing foreign, investment, including taxation, transfer pricing and currency conversion, matters
-Clarity of regulatory framework, and international harmonization of regulatory,  requirements
-Clarity of legal requirements, including contracts, intellectual property and dispute resolution.

For event booking, please contact Coco Yang at econtact@cnchemicals.com or 86-20-37616606.

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