Friday, January 6, 2012

Zhejiang Hisun to Expand PLA Capacity in 2013

The First Issue of Biomaterials China News by CCM International reveals that Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Hisun) will expand its Polylactic acid (PLA) capacity to 50,000t/a in 2013 from 5,000t/a currently.

Thanks to the bright future of biodegradable plastic, as the first PLA producer in China, Zhejiang Hisun is trying its best to expand its PLA capacity. The expansion is based on the fact that Zhejiang Hisun's sales keeps increasing these few years, revealed by the staff of Zhejiang Hisun. Currently, the company is preparing for the documents of PLA production expansion construction.

Moreover, the company is considering to use cassava, a new raw material instead of corn, for its industrial production. Compared with Zhejiang Hisun, the traditional PLA manufacturers in China mainly use corn as the raw material in the PLA industrial production. The change of the process is not only in line with the Chinese government's advice that the industrial production should not compete for food with people, but also reduce the cost effectively. In November 2011, price of cassava is only USD78/t compared with USD354/t of corn price.

Recently, the staff are proud that PLA stays in the edge in the biodegradable competition thanks to its wide range of the processing. PLA can be applied for the injection molding, blown film, extrusion, plastic, non-woven and other processing. He reveals that price of PLA will decrease a lot when the new production line finishes the construction. The current average price is around USD3,450t/a in China.

Zhejiang Hisun plans to expand PLA capacity thanks to its good performance of stiffness, elasticity and other mechanical properties. According to the experts from National resin network, PLA has been seen as an excellent alternative of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The PLA demand will be expected to continue to grow as its advantage of production technology and continuous improvement of performance.

According to the survey from a research report of PLA, it is estimated that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of global lactic acid and PLA market will reach 18.7%, and the market value of PLA is expected to reach USD3.831 billion in 2016, thanks to its biodegradable and good performance, which can effectively reduce the dependence on oil raw materials.

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Specific Headline News of Biomaterials China News include:
-China is making efforts to accelerate development of biomaterials by providing more supportive polices.
-The worldwide economic downturn affects PTT sales in China.
-RSPC accelerates its expansion of PTT upstream production lines.
-The PHA manufacturers in China find more business opportunities thanks to the ban on plastic, and it is estimated that the trend of ban on plastic will go on gradually in Europe and in the US.
-Suzhou HiPro will expand its bio-polyamides capacity to 15,000t/a in Q3 2012.
-Wanwei Updated High-tech will expand its PVA capacity to 250,000t/a at the beginning of 2012.
… …

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