Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Discover Potential Indian Market through CCM International’s Agrochemical Workshop

CCM International is going to launch a workshop about the Indian agrochemical market from 8:00am to 11:30am on March 8th  - March 9th, 2012, at Ramada Plaza Gateway, Shanghai during China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS).

With the topic of Status of Indian Agrochemical Industry and Development Trends”, the workshop will be led by Dr. B. Saha, Senior Vice President of Nagarjuna Agrichem Limited. Dr. B. Saha has rich work experiences in India agrochemical industry. He has served in Pfizer, Monsanto, Lalbhai Group and Gharda Chemicals Limited after he finished his post-doctoral research in Canada and the USA. He was also a Principal Investigator and member of the India government sponsored "New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative Project". 

This workshop provides you with an ideal platform to learn the Indian agrochemical market from the aspects of technology, registration status, distribution, consumption, application, etc. Through face-to-face communication and discussion with the Indian expert and company decision makers on the international agrochemical market information, especially the Indian market information, you might be able to dig out new business opportunities in foreign markets and learn from the successful agrochemical company strategy examples.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
1.       ChinaIndia cooperation and collaboration
2.       Current Indian Agrochemical Market, from the aspects of distribution, changing product portfolio, use, consumption, OECD GLP status, contract manufacturing, financial performance, etc.
3.       Status and SWOT analysis of Indian agrochemical companies
4.       R&D environment and activities in India
5.       Environment protection in Indian agrochemical companies
6.       Developing effective competitive strategies for Indian agrochemical companies
7.       Pesticide registrations in India
8.       Case studies of a few Indian agrochemical companies
9.       Future outlook of agrochemical industry in India

There is only 1 month left for registration. Come and join Dr. B. Saha to discover the potential Indian market. For event booking, please contact Coco Yang at econtact@cnchemicals.com, or 86-20-37616606. To find out more information, please check http://www.cnchemicals.com/Event/EventDetail_26.html.

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Market Research Reports said...

The Agrochemicals industry is an important industry in the Indian economy. India has to ensure food security for a population of 1.21 billion while facing reduction in the cultivable land resource. With increasing population, demand for food grains is increasing at a faster pace as compared to its production. This necessitates the use of pesticides.

Moreover, every year, a significant amount of crop yield is lost due to non usage of crop protection products. So the industry is bound to experience healthy growth rate in the years to come.