Friday, January 20, 2012

Crop Protection Products Make Great Contributions to China

Recently, CropLife, the American Industrial Association, reveals that crop protection products can improve the quality of field crops, fruits and vegetables in the US, with the total value increasing by USD 82 billion, according to the survey by Mark Godwin Consulting Ltd.

And when it comes to the contribution of crop protection products in China, we can find some clues from Zhonghui Wu’s presentation. Zhonghui Wu, CEO of CCM International, was invited to present in 2011 Annual China Investment Frontier held by Goldman Sachs and he participated in one of the seminars, namely “Seed, fertilizer and crop protection products are solutions to China’s food problem in 2030”. Mr. Wu shared his own opinion on the significance of crop protection about how it ensures China’s food security in the future. The major difficulties and challenges to increase China’s future crop yield are as follows:
1.       How to reduce the negative impacts that natural disasters and climate change make on agricultural production and crop yield in maximum degree
2.       How to slow down cultivated land shrinking and prevent soil fertility loss
3.       How to raise the utilization rate of arable land and accelerate the process of land circulation and intensity
4.       How to further increase the farming enthusiasm of Chinese peasants so as to reduce abandoned rate, adopt scientific farming and boost crop production
5.       How to eliminate people’s misunderstanding and prejudice on agricultural biotechnology, especially GM technology

Mr. Wu thinks the agrochemicals have been playing a vital role in enhancing crop yields and increasing farming gains. Fertilizer contributes 40% - 45% to the growth of crop yield, while pesticide contributes 20% - 25% to the growth of crop yield. In the major crop planting areas in China, the benefits after using pesticide are almost equivalent to or even have exceeded the most advanced countries in the world. But in the non-crop planting areas, the benefits are far lower than the average level in the world because of the limited resource conditions and low pesticide application skills. How to increase the future benefits of pesticide mainly depends on the following aspects: the improvement of pesticide inert ingredients, the development of new pesticide formulations and new pesticide, as well as the enhancement of farmers’ pesticide application skills.

Mr. Wu pointed out that crop protection is important to food security, while pesticide is important to crop protection. Therefore, China’s pesticide industry plays a crucial role in the crop protection. In order to ensure food security, the main task of crop protection is to increase crop yield, improve product quality and guarantee safety of food supply and product quality in the future. The pesticide will become less harmful, more effective, much easier to use and more eco-friendly. With larger application of highly effective pesticides, the future demand of pesticide will decline to a certain extent, but the market value will be greater and greater. Mr. Wu suggests the government boosting the application of agricultural technology, strengthening the education and training of Chinese peasants, guiding the farmers to use pesticide scientifically and enhancing the effectiveness and benefits of pesticides.

In terms of the contributions that crop protection products make on food security, Keke Lan, Researcher of CCM International said that as people’s living standards improving, the demand of food and other agricultural products will be constantly increasing. People will pay more attention to the food security problem. Concerning the safety of human beings and animals, eco-friendly crop protection products will play a crucial part in the development of Chinese agricultural economy.

Nowadays, agriculture industry is heading towards to be more superior, safer, more productive and non-toxic. To create and produce the new eco-friendly crop protection products with high efficient and supreme safety play irreplaceable roles in increasing crop yields, preventing insect pests and reducing damage loss. More and more crop protection companies are making great efforts to develop and produce the new eco-friendly crop protection products so as to dominate domestic market in the future.

With the release of industrial policies and regulations in recent years, the Chinese government is engaging in encouraging and guiding domestic agrochemical industry to develop in a sustainable and healthy way. For example, Policy of Pesticide Industry issued in September, 2010, further regulates domestic pesticide industry to develop timely, appropriately and orderly. It is estimated that China will launch more and more agrochemical policies and regulations to ensure the safety of agriculture production and the quality of agricultural products, and to strengthen the support of crop protection products to agriculture production and food security.

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