Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CTCSC Continues to Restrain Export of Phosphate Fertilizer

On Dec. 16th 2011, the export tariff of 2012 was finally promulgated by the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council (CTCSC). In accordance with the new export tariff, it is to loosen the export policy of ammonium phosphate (DAP & MAP) and tighten the export policy of triple superphosphate. And the new export tariff will take effect on Jan, 1st 2012, according to CCM’s January issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report.

From the new export tariff of phosphate fertilizer, it sees the intention of the government that it will continue to restrain the export of phosphorus resources. In particular, the export tariff of triple superphosphate will rise to 82% in the peak season of 2012. 

For ammonium phosphate, its new export tariff is same with that of 2011 basically. Compared with the export tariff of 2011, the difference is that the export price excludes customs duty in the export tariff of 2012. That means the trigger price is raised, which will increase the export price of ammonium phosphate indirectly.

As for triple superphosphate, its export tariff is to be levied as the similar method of ammonium phosphate. Entering peak season (Jan.–May., Oct.–Dec.), it'll be levied an export tariff of 82%. While during the period of slack season (Jun.–Sept.), the export tariff is only 7%.

Obviously, the prime objective of the new export tariff is to strengthen tariff regulation on each variety of phosphate fertilizer. After all, it didn't achieve expectation of decreasing export of phosphate fertilizer in 2011. 

In the light of the previous export tariff (the details see page 6, Issue 2, Vol.1: Export tariff curbs urea and DAP export in H1 2011) and the export data of phosphate fertilizer in recent two years (2010–2011), there's little suppression on the export of ammonium phosphate actually, but the exports of triple superphosphate and single superphosphate are greatly stimulated (the details see Figure 7: Export situation of prime phosphate fertilizer, Jan.'10–Oct.'11) after adjusting the export tariff of ammonium phosphate. At the end of Oct. 2011, only the export of MAP conformed to the original intention with a decrease of 3.38% year on year.

Source: Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1201

Content of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1201:
Phosphorus Industry Review 
Price of phosphorus ore keeps at high level in 2011   
Phosphate fertilizer industry has embarrassing time in 2011 
Top five phosphorus industry events in 2011 
Company Dynamics 
Hubei Yihua further strengthens storage of phosphorus resources 
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Industry Dynamics  
China's phosphorus exploitation enters traditional suspended period 
Policy & Legislation 
1st batch of enterprises meeting Entry Criteria for Yellow Phosphorus finally issued 
CTCSC continues to restrain export of phosphate fertilizer  
MIIT brings phosphogysum into planning of multipurpose use     
New Technology  
New process of phosphoric acid to inspire green concept 
Import & Export
International trade situation of phosphate chemicals in November   
Price Update 
Price monitor of some phosphate chemicals in December  

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(Guangzhou China, January 16, 2012)
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