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2012 China's Insecticide Demand Expected to hit 124,100 Tonnes

China's insecticide demand is predicted to reach 124,100 tonnes in 2012, based on the result from National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center (NATESC) by analyzing information collected from local crop protection stations of 31 key planting provinces/municipalities. The total national demand for pesticides will hit 313,600 tonnes (984,000 tonnes for formulations), posting a 2.48% year-on-year growth in 2012. CCM International’s December issue of Insecticides China News reports the detail of it.

Guo Yongwang, Director of NATESC reviewed the performance of insecticide in 2011. He said the pesticide sales in 2011 was slack. The insecticides demand declined in 2011 due to light occurrence of insect pests, especially pymetrozine, buprofeizin, abamectin and emamectin benzoate with an obvious reduction.

However, as the structure of China's pesticide demand tends to be more reasonable, insecticides demand in 2012 will become the largest among the three pesticide categories in China, hitting about 124,100 tonnes, up 1.21% year on year and accounting for 40.44% of the total demand for pesticides.

Specifically, the demand for organophosphorous insecticides will reach 91,000 tonnes in 2012, with a 3.24% year-on-year growth. However, the demand for both carbamate insecticides and pyrethroid insecticides will decrease by 17.44% and 11.87% year on year to about 5,800 tonnes and 3,700 tonnes respectively.

The demand for other kinds of insecticides will come to 23,600 tonnes with a 1.38% year-on-year growth. Also, the demand for acaricide will also increase by 9.08% year on year to about 10,600 tonnes. In addition, wheat seed treatment agents would obtain more market share in the next three to five years, whose sales and application are quite prosperous during the autumn sowing this year.

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Highlight News include:
-China's insecticide demand is forecasted to reach 124,100 tonnes in 2012.
-Many small and medium-sized pesticide players in China will face closedown if they don't seek investment or mergers & acquisitions.
-In Nov. 2011, Nantong Shenyu's biopesticide project passes Environmental Impact Assessment.
-On 17 Nov. 2011, National Engineering Research Center for Agrochemicals is established in Changsha City, Hunan Province.
-Shaanxi Biopesticide Engineering R&D Center highly values botanical pesticides.
-Xining City, Qinghai Province will ban the sales and application of phorate throughout the city from 1 January 2012.
-In Nov. 2011, Shenghua Biok's innovative technology of waste treatment in abamectin production gains approval.
-Following Sanya City, Ledong County becomes the second region in Hainan Province to enforce the implementation measures concerning pesticide wholesale and retail license in the province.
-ISK gets the formal registration of its flonicamid in China this March, which is said to be launched in China next year.
-In Nov. 2011, Dow AgroSciences LLC applies for the registration of 50% sulfoxaflor WG in China.
-China's demand for acetamiprid is predicted to decrease in 2012.
-China's total export volume of 95% lambda-cyhalothrin technical and 25g/L EC soars to 3,751 tonnes in Q1-Q3 2011.
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