Friday, January 6, 2012

CCM International Acquires Three Awards on Science and Technology

CCM International acquired the rewards of “2009-2010 Leading Group for Promoting Science and Technology Development in Yuexiu District” and “2011 Guangzhou Yuexiu District Outstanding Enterprise on Intellectual Property”. In addition, CEO of CCM International was awarded as “2009-2010 Leading Individual for Promoting Science and Technology Development in Yuexiu District”.

Governmental committee of Yuexiu District has been highly concentrated on the development of science and technology for a long time. Taking innovation enhancement as the top issue, the government accelerates the transformation of district economy development system and achieves remarkable success. The comprehensive strength of science and technology in Yuexiu District ranks top in Guangzhou, which opens new chapter in the Yuexiu District’s development of science and technology.

And those who are engaged in the development of science and technology have play important roles during this process and their dedicated spirit should be greatly promoted. 2009-2010 Leading Groups and Individuals for Promoting Science and Technology Development in Yuexiu District, Excellent Leaders and Enterprises of Huanghua Science and Technology Garden, etc., were rewarded during the event. In addition, 8 innovative enterprises on science and technology, 20 outstanding enterprises on intellectual property and 10 engineering technology development centers were authorized in the conference as well.

CCM International will make greater effort to further develop science and technology. The company will keep enhancing innovation awareness, expanding working solutions and improving working methods, as well as conquering difficulties in the process of developing science and technology.

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