Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zhejiang Heben Successfully Improves Synthetic Process of Difenoconazole

November Issue of Fungicides China News has been published by CCM recently, presenting that Zhejiang Heben Pesticide & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Heben), one of the leading fungicide manufacturers in China, has successfully completed the innovation on synthetic process of difenoconazole.

Conventionally, difenoconazole is developed from 2,4-Dichloroacetophenone followed by etherification, bromination, ketal reaction and nucleophilic substitution, with an overall yield of about 70%.

However, Zhejiang Heben's new process of synthesizing difenoconazole has more advantages than the conventional method mentioned above. In detail, beginning with 3,4' -dichlorodiphenyl ether, difenoconazole is synthesized by acylation, condensation and cyclization, with a total yield of about 81%. What's more, the purity of difenoconazole can reach over 97%. Besides high yield and purity, this new method has other advantages, such as easy operation, short reaction time, little "three wastes", etc.

Zhejiang Heben constructed a 100t/a difenoconazole technical production line as early as 2007, thereafter the  company has gradually expanded its capacity to the current about 450t/a, says Mr. Li, Sales Manager of Zhejiang Heben. Moreover, most difenoconazole technical of Zhejiang Heben is exported to the overseas market.

Check the specific synthesis route of difenoconazole in CCM’s Fungicides China News 1111, together with major headline news below:
-Shandong Dacheng continues to show a financial deficit of about USD4.88 million (RMB31.01 million) in Q3 2011.
-Lier Chemical's revenue has witnessed a huge increase of 80.06%, but its net profit has dropped by 15.11% year on year in the first three quarters of 2011.
-Yangnong Chemical' net profit has witnessed surge, up 72.63% year on year in Q3 2011; however, its net profit in the first three quarters of this year has slipped by 14.50%.
-Jiangsu Huifeng plans to establish a subsidiary to significantly improve the competitiveness of its fluorine-containing pesticides and extend the industrial chain in the long run.
-Shenyang Sciencreat has successfully obtained the temporary registration certificates of pyrametostrobin 95% TC and 20% SC in Sept. 2011.
-Wuhan Kernel will surely usher in a new phase of the rapid development with the infusion of new blood in the near future.
-Zhengye Zhongnong is making particular efforts to improve its development of fungicide --technical and formulations at present.
-Jiangsu Sword's microwave method for the preparation of 1,2,4-triazolylsodium and 1,2,4-1K-triazole has been granted the national patent recently.
-Zhejiang Heben has successfully completed the innovation on synthetic process of difenoconazole.
-The ex-factory price of mancozeb 90% TC has decreased by 22.25% in early Nov. 2011 over last month.
-Chemical pesticide application will witness a further decline in the domestic market in 2012.
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