Thursday, November 3, 2011

China’s Corn Price Drops Slightly in October 2011

The 5th International Corn Industry Conference, a platform of communication and cooperation for related government departments, producers, traders and investors in corn and related industries, was held on 22 Sept. 2011 by Dalian Commodity Exchange and Dalian Municipal People's Government.

As a participator, CCM International draws a conclusion through communicating with the experts and their speeches that corn deep-processing industry will keep being restrained by the Chinese government and corn price will also remain at a high level in 2012. It serves as a challenge and opportunity for corn deep-processing producers. What are the reasons that make the government restrain domestic corn deep-processing industry? What kind of business opportunities exist in this industry?

In addition, owing to the newly marketed corn in 2011, domestic corn price witnesses a slight decline in Oct. 2011, resulting in the decrease in corn starch price as well. However, their decline scales are not large and it's believed that they may still run at a high level in the long term. Is there any reason that causes the decline of corn price?

Besides, what policy changes brought to domestic VC industry and feed industry? How about the import and export situation of PLA in China? What is the trade pattern of corn in China?

All the answers will be shared in CCM’s October issue of Corn Products China News, which aims to provide you the latest update and market dynamics of corn products in China. If you are interested in this newsletter, please feel free to contact us at

Headline news of Corn Product China News 1110:
-Both PLA's import and export volumes witness increase in 2011
-Fast development in China's HFCS industry
-Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp. analysis in August 2011
-Domestic threonine price has seen a downtrend since Aug. 2011
-Domestic corn starch price heads down in Oct. 2011
-China's corn deep-processing industry probably remain being restrained in 2012
-Domestic VC industry may face a new regulation
-The 12th Five-Year Plan of feed industry comes out
-Star Lake Bioscience to improve lysine's production technology
-7.5%-12.4%, final determination of the anti-subsidy duty on EU's potato starch
-Corn price in China drops in Oct. 2011
-Analysis into corn's trade pattern in China
(Guangzhou China, October 28, 2011)

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