Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Promising Future of China’s Biomaterials Industry

Biomaterials refer to those use renewable materials as raw materials, which are mainly divided into 4 types: natural bio-based materials, microbial synthetic materials, chemical synthesis of bio-based materials and bio-nylon. Biomaterials have enjoyed fast development in China in recent years. And it is estimated that China’s biomaterials market will have a promising future.

Some kinds of biomaterials have achieved great process, and even have been industrialized by now, such as Poly (lactic acid) (PLA), Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and Poly (butanediol succinate) (PBS). Many domestic processors make efforts to expand capacity.

Take PLA for example, total production capacity of China’s PLA has reached 19,100t/a in April 2011, and it is estimated to reach 46,556t/a in 2015, with CAGR of 38.91%. With the release of Plastic Shopping Bags National Mandatory Standards in May 2008, Chinese government reduces the production, sales and use of plastic shopping bags, which provides more development opportunities for PLA.

Besides, domestic processors aim to exploit new market. A primary example is Anqing Hexing, also a leading PBS processor, has succeeded in getting a National High Technology Research and Development Programme (863 Programme) in September 2011, aiming to optimize the fermentation process of succinic acid and develop the PBS efficient polymerization process and materials processing technology by 2014. If Anqing Hexing succeeds, the company will expand its business not only in China but also in overseas markets easily.

In conclusion, China’s biomaterials market will have a promising future, and its focus on the country’s biomaterials industry is a good way for Chinese and multinational processors to cooperate or compete with each other!

All findings are extracted from the flyer of CCM International’s Biomaterials China News. You might find more details about other biomaterials. If you are interested in CCM International’s Biomaterials China News, please feel free to contact us at econtact@cnchemicals.com.
(Guangzhou China, November 18, 2011)

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