Wednesday, November 2, 2011

L-Cysteine Production Market Benchmarking Report Comes out

CCM newly launched an insightful report of L-Cysteine this October, namely Production, Market and Benchmarking of L-Cysteine in China. This report combines CCM International's expertise in L-Cysteine products market, which presents you the latest information about production, domestic producer, raw material situation, and technology and development trend.

China is one of the most important L-Cysteine producers in the world. Most of China’s L-Cysteine products are used for export. The 2008 global economic crisis struck the business since the products are export-oriented. But fortunately, the industry has been recovering since 2010. Some producers progressively expand their production scale. What is production situation of L-Cysteine in China? Which producer is the key player?

In terms of technology, electroreduction method remains the mainstream technology of making L-Cysteine products in China. But it brings high production cost to producers by increasing their investment in waste treatment. Amidst the backdrop of increasing attention paid to environmental protection and more relevant policies being promulgated, what will be the way out and the future trend of the production technology?

Foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are the top three consumption fields in China. What is the consumption situation of L-Cysteine in China? How about the changes in China's L-Cysteine industry happened in 2006-2010?  And what is the price trend of L-Cysteine in China?

Production, Market and Benchmarking of L-Cysteine in China provides you an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of China’s L-Cysteine market. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at

Highlights of this report are:
- Introduction of production
- Production cost
- Technology
- Consumption pattern
- Price forecast of L-Cysteine products and raw materials by different scenarios
 (Guangzhou China, October 27, 2011)

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