Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GM Crop Breeding Should be Encouraged in China

Developing GM technology will be an unswerving strategic guideline for the country, though Chinese government would not implement the commercialization of GM staple foods, like rice and wheat in the next few years. According to Chen Xiaohua, Deputy Minister of China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the major projects of GM crop breeding should be added into the new development plan of China's seed industry.

However, most people are against the promotion of GM crops, mainly due to the concern of consumption security for GM products. Some experts doubt the necessity of promoting GM staple crops, like rice and corn, as they believe that GM crops do not show obvious advantages in high yielding.

Chinese government aims to boost the development of GM products. The government has strengthened the propagation of the knowledge on GM crops since late 2010. Ministry of Agriculture published a book in June 2011, namely "100 questions about GM crops", aiming to spread scientific knowledge about GM crops and GM products.

Besides, the government also frequently invited some agricultural professionals to GM forums for discussing problems of GM crops commercialization and developing GM technology.

It is still a long time to go when the government dispels the public fear for GM products and establishes a perfect GM system covering safety evaluation, product registration, market supervision, etc.

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More news of Seed China News 1110:
-China is going to issue 2011-2020 Modern Crop Seed Industry Development Plan, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of domestic seed enterprises.
-Some grain experts showed their support on GM crop breeding, in spite of the widespread safety disputes for GM products.
-China would still face tight supply of corn with the soaring consumption, despite the expected higher output in 2011.
-Longping High-tech predicts that its net profit would increase significantly in 2011, thanks to the dramatic growth in main product sales.
-Hefei Fengle increases investment in its subsidiary located in Southwest China, in order to consolidate its leading position in seed industry.
-Liaoning Danyu established an academician workstation, aiming to cultivate corn varieties with great competitiveness.
-ZARD, a listed agribusiness group, has been orientated towards seed business by acquiring competitive seed companies.
-CNDK is building a corn seed processing plant in Northwest China, with great investment from CNSGC and Monsanto.
-Jixiang 1, a new superior corn variety in China, confronts multiple resistance in promotion.
-Y Liangyou 2 achieved the average yield of 13,899 kg/ha., which created a new yield record in hybrid rice production.

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