Monday, November 7, 2011

CCM Announces New Report of Gluco-amylase

Gluco-amylase is the most important category in China's enzyme industry. CCM is going to announce a new market research report on gluco-amylase, presenting you the most insightful and profound analysis of Chinese gluco-amylase market.

The gluco-amylase market in China is more mature than other enzyme products, such as lipase, pectinase. The output of China’s gluco-amylase reaches 346,000 tonnes in 2010, while the CAGR is just 4.5% during 2004-2010. What are the factors that influence its development speed? What is the future trend of China’s gluco-amylase industry?

The report also introduces 16 major active producers of gluco-amylase in China, elaborating the detail information from aspects of production cost, profit, etc. What's the detailed information of the key gluco-amylase producers in China?

The application of gluco-amylase is not so wide as α-amylase. Gluco-amylase is mainly consumed in brewing and starch processing. What's the demand of gluco-amylase by applications? What's the future trend of demand?

All answers will be shared in CCM’s report of Production and Market of Gluco-amylast in China. By reading this report, you may obtain the vital business intelligence of China’s gluco-amylase industry before entering the competition, learning the actual status of production, pricing, demand and major competitors/their activities. Most importantly, you might understand the future trend of Chinese gluco-amylase industry so that you can make wiser business decisions.

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