Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweeteners China News Published with Fresh Updates

CCM has released the October issue of Sweeteners China News. The latest issue continues to provide various information of China's sweetener industry.

More and more sweetener producers are targeting at the end market. QHT signs a cooperation agreement with Sheng He Tang, revealing QHT's target at the end market. Meanwhile, Xiwang Sugar promotes its retailing crystalline fructose in a low-key way by just holding a discussion meeting.

Besides, overseas market also attracts producers' entry. And thanks to EU's approval for stevia and stevia glycosides, which is expected to be launched by the end of this year, many domestic stevia sweeteners are waiting for opening the stevia sweetener market in the EU. Meanwhile, increasing prices of raw materials lead to rising prices of sweeteners. For example, the average sales price of domestic crystalline maltitol and crystalline xylitol respectively increase from USD2,603/t in August 2011 to USD2,736/t and from USD4,757/t in August 2011 to USD4,844/t.

In addition, the Chinese government has taken specific actions to supervise the food additives industry. In September 2011, Shanghai Mixed Food Additives Professional Committee was established as the first committee for mixed food additives, aiming to support the implementation of Food Additive Application Standard and the standard for mixed food additives, thus boosting sound development of the industry.

More news is in CCM’s October issue of Sweeteners China News, covering stories below:
-The ninth batch of national sugar reserves launched to market
-Annual conference of sucrose 2011 held in Yunnan
-Sucrose production to increase in the next sucrose extraction season
-Shandong Zhucheng plans to construct production lines
-Funing City plans to build a modern national sucrose base
-Shandong Longlive owns seven production patents
-F55 may be the trend of HFCS in future
-Domestic producers aim at EU market of stevia sweeteners
-Domestic price of crystalline glucose rebounds a little in Sept. 2011
-Cyclamate's export volume decreases in the first eight months of this year
-Suzhou Xiankuo targets at XOS
-QHT targets at end market by controlling a food company
-Xiwang Sugar strengthens sales of retailing crystalline fructose through new ways
-Global Sweeteners acquires a corn refinery from its parent company
-Price of glycyrrhizin increases
-China's planting area of fructus momordicase increasing
-Ex-factory prices of China's sweeteners in September 2011
-Import & export analysis of Chinese fructose and fructose syrup (fructose content50%) in Jan.-Aug. 2011
-Import & export analysis of Chinese mannitol in Jan.-Aug. 2011
-China's maltitol and xylitol price still increasing
-Shanghai Mixed Food Additives Professional Committee established in September

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