Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CCM International ’s Polycarbonate Webinar to indicate Future of PC in China

CCM International, a professional market research company with more than 10 years experience, is going to present a free webinar on polycarbonate(PC) at 20:00pm, Nov. 29th , 2011.With the topic of Survey of Polycarbonate Market in China, the webinar speaker, Emma, will share the information of polycarbonate consumption, supply and forecast through this webinar.

China’s polycarbonate industry has grown fast in the recent years, what is the future of China’s market raises people’s interest. From CCM International’s PC webinar, you might discover a true PC market in China, with in-depth analysis and precise data.

By analyzing the current supply situation and production capacity, Emma will anticipate the future production capacity of polycarbonate in China. And since China's polycarbonate demand was optimistic in the past, will it keep growing in the future? What measure will key players take to expand production of polycarbonate?

Driven by the fast development of the downstream industries, especially for electronic and electrical components, automotive components, polycarbonate construction materials, will the consumption of polycarbonate rise greatly? If so, what reasons cause the booming demand of downstream industries of polycarbonate? What is the consumption growth rate?

You might find all the above questions in CCM International ’s upcoming webinar. The most concern details about the future of polycarbonate will also be shared in this webinar, as well as the current situation of PC supply and consumption.

The webinar is still on the way to go, just register first and you can take part in this amazing event. Check for more details about the event, or just contact us at 

 (Guangzhou, China, November 21, 2011)

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