Monday, November 21, 2011

Thailand's Flooding to Push down China's Export Volume of Phosphoric Acid

In the remainder of 2011, the China's export volume of phosphoric acid is to reduce due to the recent flood in Thailand as estimated, according to CCM’s November issue of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report.

At the end of Nov.8th, the impact of flood damage in Thailand has spread to over seven large industrial estates. According to the official warnings, it is predicted that the flood will last for at least one month. This flood is the worst in Thailand in decades that began in July 2011. It is threatening many manufacturing chains which need a long-term to recover.

In accordance with the export data of China, the food grade phosphoric acid exported to Thailand has confronted a serious recession in Sep., decreasing by 89.17% compared with the same period of last year.

Thailand is the second largest importer of food grade phosphoric acid for China. It has imported over 60,000 tonnes of food grade phosphoric acid each year since 2008. During 2008-2011, Thailand imported more and more food grade phosphoric acid from China. In 2010, over 95% of its total import volume was from China.

For China, it has exported over 450,000 tonnes of food grade phosphoric acid annually since 2009. The export food grade phosphoric acid is sold to over 20 countries. And about nearly 50% of that is supplied to the five prime purchasers—South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. Overall, the export destination is relatively scattered.

Basically, China exports 10% of total export food grade phosphoric acid to Thailand annually. By Sep. 2011, Thailand has purchased 48,598 tonnes of food grade phosphoric acid from China, decreasing by 3.12% compared with the same period of last year.

According to the past import data of Thailand, it is impossible to achieve this amount in the remainder three months of this year, as the Thailand flooding has hit most of its manufacturing. 

Source: Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1111

Content of Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 1111:
Phosphorus ore
Policy & Legislation: Resource tax modification excludes phosphorus ore in temporary   
Technology & Application: Low-grade phosphorus ore sees headway in direct utilization 
Policy & Legislation: Government enhances management of phosphate rock resource  
Yellow phosphorus 
Industry Dynamic: Depressed demand hits yellow phosphorus 
Company Dynamic: Malong Industry transfers business to Yuntianhua 
Company Dynamic: Hubei Yihua to strengthen profitability by DAP expansion  
Company Dynamic: Shandong Kingenta continues to expand layout in Yunnan   
Industry Dynamic: Domestic phosphate fertilizer industry calls for loosening export policy    
Company Dynamic: Zhijin fine phosphate chemical project to commence  
Global Insight:  Thailand's flooding to hit China's export volume of phosphoric acid   
Import & export
International trade situation of phosphate chemicals in September
Price Update 
Price monitor of some phosphate chemicals

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(Guangzhou China, November 16, 2011)
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