Monday, August 29, 2011

TiO2 Price Expected to Rebound in Future Months

CCM’s August issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report has come out recently, showing that China's TiO2 price declines in August 2011 due to weak demand, but it is expected to rebound in future months.

Domestic TiO2 price started to decrease in August 2011, as China's TiO2 producers have been depressed by the weak demand in June and July. For example, in late July, Sichuan Lomon decreased price of its rutile TiO2 sold to some large customers, with the markdown in the range of USD78/t to USD156/t. The company said it had no way but to decrease price to gain market share as it had too much inventory.

However, it is estimated that TiO2 price might rebound in future months, which is an exciting news for TiO2 producers. There are two reasons to explain it below. Firstly, the inventories are limited relatively to the demand at home and abroad, so the degree of the price decrease is small and the period is short. Secondly, the motive force from high titanium feedstock cost and possible demand recovery in following months will drive up TiO2 price.

The following highlights are covered in the August issue of TiO2 China Monthly Report:
-China's TiO2 average export price exceeds average import price for the first time.
-Jiangxi Tianguang's first phase TiO2 project meets related requirements.
-Anhui Annada triples its profit on higher TiO2 prices and optimized product structure.
-China's titanium feedstock import volume rebounds in June 2011.
-AkzoNobel strengthens presence in western China.
-China's TiO2 price declines in August 2011 due to weak demand
-TiO2 multinationals announce new round of price hikes.

(Guangzhou China, August 26, 2011)

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