Friday, August 19, 2011

Demand for DHA Docosahexaenoic Acid Products to Be Increasing

Guangzhou China, August 18, 2011CCM has launched the brand-new DHA report, entitled Production and Market of DHA in China. It is estimated that the demand for DHA products will be increasing in the future, with the improvement in people's health care consciousness.

This report provides primary data and analysis about DHA industry in terms of production situation, pricing and consumption in China to help reader gain vital business intelligence of China's DHA market.

DHA has attracted more and more attention since it has been recommended by World Health Organization in 1993. China has industrialized DHA production in 2002. Most domestic producers use microalgae as raw material to produce microalgal DHA, which has better quality than fish oil DHA.

China's microalgal DHA industry has seen booming growth in recent years. By July 2011, there are 15 active microalgal DHA producers in China, with total capacity of 1,475t/a. The output has been increased from 503 tonnes in 2007 to 946 tonnes in 2010, thanks to its growing demand in the market.

China's DHA consumption is still limited but has huge potential. In 2010, the total consumption volume of DHA is 2,260 tonnes. Formula foods and health care products are major end-users. Among formula foods, DHA is mainly used in infant formula, infant cereal and maternal formula, and it can also be used in some milk beverages. Cooking oil is an emerging end-use segment in China. The demand for DHA products is expected to be increasing in the future.

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