Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chinese Glyphosate Upstream Industry Webinar Was Successfully Held

“This webinar has been the most successful one so far. Nearly 50 people have registered, the biggest number of registration ever since. The topic of glyphosate upstream industry aroused great interest among those who have registered. But we feel sorry about the entry barrier to some of the participants. The number of the participants was far more than the limited quota assigned for the webinar. We had worked hard on this issue to solve this problem.” Rico Chen, the speaker of the webinar stated.

 “Most attendees were from renowned companies, such as Syngenta, Monsanto, Rhodia and Taminco, etc.” Rico said, “More than 70% of the attendees think the webinar was quite valuable and some information was impressive and useful. They have benefited a lot from this webinar.”

During this webinar, CCM reviewed the production, consumption, import and export situation of glyphosate upstream industries (DAE, Glycine, Paraformaldehyde, IDAN and Phosphorus Chemicals) in China. The development trend of the products in the past few years was shown by the displaying charts, which helps to better understand the demand and price dynamic in Chinese market. What’s more, Rico analyzed that the reasons resulted in recession of glyphosate lie in overcapacity, export barrier, rising cost and climate. Combined with the industrial chain, CCM made forecast on the future trend and opportunities of the upstream products and the producers. On the whole, the glyphosate will be in downturn for the time being, but the upstream industries are still able to see the opportunities.  

The information prepared for the webinar is mainly referred to CCM’s existing report Global Commercial Opportunities Derived from Glyphosate Industry and other researches related to glyphosate, such as Glyphosate China Monthly Report.” Rico explained.

CCM will keep hold such kind of live webinars frequently. We are looking forward to your attendances in CCM’s next webinar!
(Guangzhou China, August 30, 2011)

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