Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jiangxi Beiyang Aims at Exploring Greater Stevioside and RA Market

Guangzhou China, August 8, 2011 - Jiangxi Beiyang expanded the capacity of stevioside and RA in Nanchang on 28 June 2011, indicating that it intends to greatly explore the market of stevioside and RA, according to CCM’s August Issue of Sweeteners China News.

Jiangxi Beiyang has invested about USD9.74 million in the expansion project. By implementing this project, the capacity of both stevioside and RA
is estimated to increase by 1,000t/a. Mr. Xiong, board secretary of Jiangxi Beiyang, said main reasons for launching the new expansion project are the increasing demand and the safety of food additives.

Jiangxi Beiyang is expected to enjoy a good development in the future. Mr. Xiong claimed that Jiangxi Beiyang is the only producer of high purity RA (RA80, RA90 and RA97) with capacity of more than 10t/a in China in 2011.

Besides, Jiangxi Beiyang is planning to build a sucralose production line, whose capacity will be 1,500t/a after finishing the expansion of stevioside and RA capacity. It is estimated that the establishment of sucralose production line will be started from 2012 and finished before 2014. All in all, Jiangxi Beiyang aims to become a producer who makes acesulfame-K, RA and sucralose in three years in order to satisfy demand for sweeteners at all levels.

More news about the industrial trend, company dynamics, market price, and future forecast are unveiled in the latest issue of Sweeteners China News.

The following highlights are covered in the latest issue of Sweeteners China News:
-China totally exports about 4,147 tonnes of erythritol in 2010, and it is expected to remain export-oriented in the coming three to five years.-Guangdong Guangye and Ji'an New Trend plan to expand capacities of sucralose.-Jiangxi Beiyang expanded the capacity of stevioside and RA in Nanchang on 28 June 2011, which indicates that it intends to greatly explore the market of stevioside and RA.
-Currently, Shandong Mifutang aims to explore the retail market of xylitol and build a top retail brand in China.-Wanfu Biotechnology's IPO was approved by CSRC on July 19 2011. Shandong Longlive got listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 20 July 2011.-On 7 July 2011, Huakang Pharmaceutical announced its launch of a new HFCS production line with capacity of 100,000t/a, a sigh of the company's ambition of expanding its business in HFCS market.-Xiwang Sugar will purchase two production lines of corn starch with total capacity of 750,000t/a from Xiwang Pharmaceutical.-Sorbitol is expected to have much development room in the industries of food and daily chemicals in the future.-Price of sucrose witnesses an uptrend in July 2011, which is expected to benefit other sweeteners-Driven by such food incidents, Chinese government launches the standard for mixed food additives.

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