Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandhope Launches IPO in Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market

August 9, 2011, CCM - Grandhope Biotech Co., Ltd. (Grandhope) launched Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) on July 7, 2011. It plans to invest about USD38 million in the construction of national regenerative medical implants engineering laboratory, high-tech industrialization of sterile biological membrane, market expansion and maintenance of the core business, according to CCM’s August Issue of Industrial Biotechnology China News.
Grandhope has become the sixth listed biomedical enterprises in Guangzhou, China. Mr. Zhu, chairman of the board in Grandhope, claimed that the listing of Grandhope would help the company establish more comprehensive management mechanism. It was a good chance to achieve the effective combination between the management of production and the use of resource and capital.

The raised fund for Grandhope's IPO will be mainly applied to these investments: construction of regenerative medical implants national engineering laboratory, high-tech industrialization of sterile biological membrane, market expansion and maintenance of the core business. Mr. Zhu especially explained the strategy of the first three projects: the construction of the laboratory, which costs Grandhope USD5.9 million, would lead the company to strengthen the core competitiveness in the high-tech field. In order to get more profit and market share, Grandhope invested USD3.1 million in  high-tech industrialization of sterile biological membrane, which would promote the adjustment of the product structure. The market expansion valued at USD7.7 million would improve the company's influence in the market.  

Grandhope's successful listing depends on its technology and insight of the medical device industry market.

Grandhope mainly relies on its independent R&D to get into the medical device industry. Grandhope is a high-tech enterprise engaged in regenerative medical materials and medical implants development, production and sales. Because of Grandhope's independent R&D, it has developed a new type medical material made by cow's or pig's membranes, which belongs to the extracellular matrix material. Based on the technology of extracellular material, Grandhope's products develop epoxy tissue fixation technology, full antigen-technology and mechanics induced modification technology and organizational techniques to resolve the weakness of the traditional extracellular matrix material. Its product has the capability of high stability, low immunogenicity and tissue regeneration inducement which had their own advantages in the industry competition. Grandhope applied these to launch its products such as biotype hard brain membrane, general thoracic surgical repair membrane and sterile bio-protection membrane.

Extracellular matrix material, which will replace the conventional biomedical materials such as synthetical biomaterials and alloy materials, can adhere to the injury compatibly. By its function, it can replace the disease tissue's function during the cell regeneration. Furthermore, the cell regeneration can be induced by this material compared with the conventional biomedical materials, which just play a short term alternative role to the injury. 

Grandhope is optimistic about its products' future prospects in domestic medical device market, especially in meningeal medical market. Grandhope gained great profit mainly from its brain membrane from 2006 to 2010. The products' actual quantity had been accumulated to100,000 till 2010 without medical negligence. Its biotype brain membrane, higher cost performance than the products from foreign enterprises, has occupied 43% of China's biotype brain membrane's market share in 2010 instead of 32% in 2008. Compared with Grandhope's products, the market share of foreign companies, such as Germany's B. Braun Medical, Johnson & Johnson, etc., declined gradually from 45% in 2008 to 25% in 2010. Mr. Zhang, deputy general manager of Grandhope, predicted that the biotype brain membrane market would maintain 20% annual growth because of craniotomy increasing, which would increase the market demand. Meanwhile, the sales of general thoracic surgical repair membrane and sterile bio-protection membrane rise gradually.

Furthermore, Granhope will focus on R&D medical cosmetic surgery market in future although it has some difficulties in collaborative project with Renhe Group, this project will not be arranged in next three months.

Grandhope's insight into the global medical device industry leads the enterprise to focus on the extracellular matrix material's R&D in recent years. Owing to rapid expansion with the growth rate of 6% - 12% per year from 2006 to 2008, the global medical device industry is growing into the pillar industry of the global economy. In 2009, the production value of global medical device industry was over USD370 billion. More importantly, the output value of China's medical device industry is growing over 20% per year in a fast speed in 2001-2011. The profit of China's medical device industry is over USD38 billion. Surgical implant is one of the most important product categories in medical device industry. It is the most effective mean especially in cardiovascular disease and bone disease. The output value of surgical implants has reached USD6.2 billion in 2009 compared with that of USD3.1 billion in 2006. China's surgical implant's market will become the second largest market after the market in the US in the next 10 years, as China Association for Medical Devices Industry estimated.

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Grandhope launches IPO in Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market

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