Monday, August 29, 2011

Glyphosate Market in China Remains Sluggish

CCM’s August issue of Herbicides China News indicates that glyphosate price in China still floats at a low level in the first seven months of 2011.

The average ex-work price of glyphosate 95% technical fluctuates around USD3,500/t in the first seven months of 2011. The low price hurts all glyphosate manufacturers in China. There is limited profit room for glyphosate production nowadays.

Overcapacity in domestic glyphosate manufacture is the main reason for the current sluggish situation. As the most popular herbicide with the largest consumption volume in the world, glyphosate still faces excessive supply at present.

It is estimated that the glyphosate market in China would restore to balance in the future. But this process might take a long time, which means Chinese glyphosate manufacturers should struggle to survive in glyphosate business.

The following highlights are covered in the August issue of Herbicides China News:
-Lier Chemical’s growth of net profit in H1 2011 is attributed to the integration of Jiangsu Kuaida's financial reporting, not caused by actual increase in earning.
-Lianhe Technology met continuous growth in revenue and net profit in H1 2011.
-Nanjing Redsun won final approval for asset reorganization from CSRC.
-Vertellus expands pyridine production chain in China.
-CAC Group's capacities of asulam and fluorochloridone run smoothly at present after the relocation into CAC Nantong.
-Shandong Dacheng relocates a 5,000t/a paraquat capacity and several capacities of insecticides and fungicides as well as chemical materials.
-Huayang Technology sold chloroacetic acid business.
-Chinese herbicide market was repressed in H1 2011 by several adverse factors such as the long-lasting inflation and abnormal climate in home market, as well as debt crisis in EU and the US.
-Poor glyphosate price torments Chinese pursuers.
-Diuron price floats on high level this July with tense supply in China.
-Now Jiangsu Huifeng's 2,4-D is exported to overseas market primarily.
-Jiangsu Repont's 1,000t/a sulfonylurea herbicide project is under civil construction now.
-Amide herbicide witnesses supply shortage in July, leading to the uptrend of its price.
-Lier Chemical will start glufosinate-ammonium production in H2 2011.
-Trifluralin meets price uptrend in July.
 (Guangzhou China, August 25, 2011 )

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