Friday, August 19, 2011

Pesticide Business Licenses in Hainan Province Becoming Hotspot

Guangzhou China, August 17, 2011CCM has released the latest issue of Crop Protection China News, indicating state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are all busy preparing the bid for pesticide business licenses in Hainan Province in late Aug. 2011.

With advantages of large state-owned background, Hainan Agricultural Production Materials Co., Ltd. and Haiken Agriculture Materials Co., Ltd. are believed to be the default winners of the pesticide business licenses bidding.

In terms of small and medium size pesticide wholesale enterprises which are unwilling to lose their business in Hainan Province, some of them have held together and co-founded a company to bid for pesticide business licenses.

It is still hard to predict the final list of the companies that will get pesticide business licenses, but it is clear that the promotion of the policy would face lots of blocks in the near future. Hainan Government will require those companies which have got pesticide business licenses to solve the remaining problems after the withdrawal of unqualified companies, such as massive unemployed population, inventory problems, even credit and debt concern.

Main content in the latest issue of Crop Protection China News:
-RMB currency rate against USD rises to a new record high of 6.4399 on Aug. 1, 2011.
-Sale on credit, a very common phenomenon in domestic agricultural material business, has become a sore point to domestic agricultural material dealers.
-Davinci Furniture scandal alerts domestic agriculture material dealers to change their business concept into developing products with better quality rather than cheating.
-EC formulations will still play an important role in domestic market in the near future. 
-After more than eight months' waiting, Nanjing Redsun finally received the formal approval on its M&A with NFP Group from CSRC on 29 July 2011.
-Noposion's net profit in H1 2011 witnesses increase of 52.07% YOY.
-China has been popularizing trichogramma wasps to control crop pests.
-Corn price hits record high in recent years.

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