Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decreasing Bromine Output Can Not Meet Demand for Bromine Industry

Guangzhou China, August 5, 2011 China’s bromine output has decreased continuously in recent three years, which makes domestic supply of bromine can not meet the demand from the downstream industries, according to CCM’s report of Production and Market of Bromine and Bromides in China.

As a resource-oriented product, bromine is widely used in the production of brominated flame retardants (BFRs), pharmaceuticals, pesticide, dyestuff and oilfield chemicals, etc. Driven by great demand from increasing domestic consumption and overseas markets, China’s bromine industry developed fast in the past 10 years.

However, China’s bromine output has declined materially over the past few years, dropping from 160,000 tonnes in 2007 to 115,000 tonnes in 2009. The decline in concentration of underground brine and impact from bad climates cause the decreasing of bromine output in China.

The organic intermediate, a potential downstream industry of bromine, has developed fast in recent years. At present, the main bromine-carrying intermediates include dibromo aldehyde, bromathane, a-Bromo, 4-nitrophenyl-ethanone, 1-bromoadamantane, dibromantine, 2-bromo-4 and 6- dinitroaniline, etc.

China has been characterized by tight supply of bromine in recent years, and this situation is worsening gradually with the rapid decline of bromide ion concentration of underground brine due to the over-exploitation, which challenges the existing processes of bromine extraction in China.

The following aspects are covered in this report:
- Position of Chinese bromine industry in the world
- Production of bromine in the past few years in China
- Introduction to technology roadmaps of various organic bromides
- Multi-year price situation of bromine
- Production and market share of 25 kinds of bromine derivatives by field
- Key factors influencing China’s bromine and bromides market in
the past few years
- Development of foreign enterprises or joint ventures in China
- Future forecast on Chinese bromine supply and bromides market in next 5 years

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