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Outlook of Insecticide Market in China in H2 2011

August 15, 2011, CCM – In H1 2011, most insecticides suffered decline in performance over last year; some even tumbled. The slump in insecticide market during this period depressed most insecticide manufacturers, most of whom anchor their hope in the rest six months. As insecticide manufacturers wish, the insecticide market in H2 2011 will recover gradually and even grow compared with H2 2010, according to CCM’s August Issue of Insecticides China News.

Usually, the peak sales season of insecticide starts from May and end around August. But it seems that this season in 2011 has been postponed due to the extreme drought in South China early this year, starting in June, a month later than the average year. The end may also come late till Sept. or Oct., and contribute more to the insecticide market in H2 2011.  

In H1 2011, most insecticides' sales volume significantly declined due to the drought early this year. The drought has directly postponed the start of the peak sales season till June. Though the rainfall in June has eased the prior drought and boosted market demand for rice insecticides in June, the sales volume of most insecticides in H1 2011 over last year still decreased, dragged down by low sales volume in the first five months. As investigated, demand for some largely-consumed insecticides like abamectin and chlorpyrifos remained weak in H1 2011, especially from Jan. to May.

Entering June, insecticide market began to recover as the rainfall brought about severe occurrence of insect pests of rice, cotton and corn, which lasted in July and is estimated to continue in August.     

The occurrence of rice insect pests in H2 2011 is estimated to be worse, which will boost the market demand for rice insecticides like imidacloprid. Insect pests like white backed planthopper continue to hit early rice in southern rice planting areas at present. And with the transplanting of mid-season rice, farmers will further purchase corresponding insecticides in case of rice insect pests' blast. According to National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center (NATESC), occurrence of mid-season and late rice insect pests is estimated to hit 49.33 million hectares in H2 2011.

Those rice insecticides whose technical consumption is estimated to exceed 20,000 tonnes in 2011 majorly include chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid, triazophos, DDVP, dimehypo, monosultap, acephate and mobucin, according to NATESC.

Besides rice pests, the occurrence of corn insect pests in H2 2011 is estimated to be worse over last year, with damaged area reaching around 44.13 million hectares. In 2011, the occurrence of athetis lepigone, an emerging corn insect pests, gets much severer than average year, which is estimated to strike 2.14 million hectares' fields. Insecticides can efficiently control corn insect pests will be welcomed by farmers in H2 2011, like DDVP, chlorpyrifos, phoxim, deltamethrin and Bt.  

Last but not least, the occurrence of cotton insect pests will also make contribution to insecticide market in H2 2011. Learning from NATESC, the occurrence of cotton insect pests in H2 2011 will be severer than that in H1 2011 as estimated, hitting around 13.33 million hectares. As estimated, cotton insecticides like carbosulfan, acetamiprid, DDVP, cyhalothrin and trichlorphon will continue to enjoy rise in demand in H2 2011 and some may witness supply shortage, such as carbosulfan and acetamiprid.

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