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Registrations of thiamethoxam formulations soar in China

According to Insecticides China News 1309 issued by CCM, Recently, Syngenta is busy with the promotion of its thiamethoxam–based seed treatment product (Cruiser), by holding two Cruiser Vigor Forum in Guangdong and Shandong. The product's excellent performance and Syngenta's professional promotion work are very impressive. However, Syngenta will face intense competition from Chinese companies in its thiamethoxam business.
Besides thiamethoxam technical, many Chinese pesticide companies are actively registering thiamethoxam formulation products. By 16 July 2013, 48 thiamethoxam registrations had been approved in China, including 34 of formulations. Among the formulations registrations, 13 are from domestic companies.

The thiamethoxam formulations' registration at present is only the tip of the iceberg. It will soar in the coming one to two years. According to data from the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), pesticide companies had filed 448 registration applications for thiamethoxam formulations in China, by 16 July 2013. 
Before 2010, registration application of thiamethoxam formulations in China was very small, usually less than ten each year. However, the application jumped to 72 in 2010 and 74 in 2011. In 2012, the application times even hit 151, up 104% year on year. This trend continued in 2013. By 16 July 2013, the application times had hit 110. 
It is very easy to understand the boom of registration application since 2010. Syngenta’s patent for thiamethoxam in China expires in 2013 and it takes two to three years for a company to register a pesticide formulation in China. As a result, many domestic companies started to file their registration applications in 2010, so that they may launch their thiamethoxam formulation products in 2013 or 2014.

The application for registrations of thiamethoxam formulations include 34 kinds of products. Thiamethoxam–single formulation is the most popular one, with the application times of 303, accounting for 67.63% of the total. Besides, the registration applications of some mixed formulations, such as thiamethoxam+pymetrozine, thiamethoxam+abamectin and thiamethoxam+lambda-cyhalothrin are also very popular. For other mixed formulations, their application times are less than ten. 
Most registration applications of the thiamethoxam formulations are targeted on many crops, but most of them are focusing on rice for the control of plant hopper. 

These registration applications of thiamethoxam formulations come from 209 companies. Almost all the big domestic pesticide formulations companies have filed registration application of thiamethoxam formulations. Five companies' registration application times exceed ten and the total registration application times of these companies hit 77, accounting for 17.19% of the total. 
Shaanxi Meibang Group is the most active company, with the registration application times of 21. The company tries to register thiamethoxam targeted on many kinds of crops, such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, tea, vegetable and horticultural crops. 

With so many registration applications, it is believed that thiamethoxam formulations products will witness a blowout in domestic market in the coming two to three years. The potential for market disruptions of thiamethoxam formulations in domestic market is very high.
However, even for those companies that have filed registration applications, there are two opposite opinions. 
"We filed the registration application for thiamethoxam formulations in 2012, but we are not optimistic about the future of this product. The registration is just for the expansion of our product portfolio, and to meet more customers' needs," said an insider from Shanghai Lianbao Cropsciences Co., Ltd (Shanghai Lianbao). 
In fact, like Shanghai Lianbao, many companies are not optimistic about the future of these products, but they still try to register it. Many companies are just following others blindly. They register products that others are registering. 
But some companies' expectation for this product is very high. In their minds, the sales revenue of thiamethoxam is very huge and the application field is still expanding, so it is not hard to get a slice of cake. Besides, they believe that the Chinese government will not ban thiamethoxam easily like EU.

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