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Find Hot News in Fungicides China News 1309

Published on the 10th every month, Fungicides China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of fungicides market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include new legislations, company strategy, investment opportunities, advanced technology and quality fungicides.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of  Fungicides China News:
Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, Sept. 2013
FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, Sept. 2013
Ex-factory prices of main fungicides in China, Sept. 2013
Chlorothalonil export drops in H1 2013
In H1 2013, China's export volume of chlorothalonil technical and formulations dropped by 22.50% year on year to about 7,786 tonnes.
Rise of fungicides import and export in July 2013
Noposion to cooperate with Makhteshim Agan in retail outlets
Lanfeng Biochemical's net profit down by 28.28% year on year in H1 2013
Yield of summer grain up by 1.5% year on year in China in 2013
Fourth batch of merged agrochemical companies released in China in 2013
Occurrence trend and future forecast of cotton pests and diseases in Xinjiang
Suli Chemical: first domestic company obtains registration for flutolanil formulation
Limin Chemical's azoxystrobin 25% SC put into production recently
Lanfeng Biochemical to set up a joint venture company in Italy
On Aug. 27, 2013, Lanfeng Biochemical announced that the company, jointly with Ningbo Taida and Agroventures S.R.L., will invest to set up a joint venture company in Latina City of Italy to further expand international pesticide business.
First registration for coniothyrium minitans approved in China
On Aug. 7, 2013, ICAMA granted the temporary registration approval for a microbial fungicide, coniothyrium minitans 200 million living spores/g WP of Jiannong Biotechnology for one year, which was registered in China for the first time.
Longwan Chemicals strengthens development of thiediazole copper
Longwan Chemicals' thiediazole copper has been well-received in China in recent years. To increase the sales volume of the product, the company will continue to focus on its development.
China's output of fungicide technical up by 25.7% year on year in July 2013
New azoxystrobin registration number in 2013 soars more than ever before
Azoxystrobin has been hotly pursued by domestic agrochemical companies in recent years. After the patent for azoxystrobin expired in 2010, the registration number of this excellent strobilurin fungicide has been on the rise in China. It is particularly worth noting that azoxystrobin soared in registration number in 2013, more than ever before.
Huapont-Nutrichem performs well in agrochemical business in H1 2013
Leaf spot becomes major disease for cucumber in China
Leaf spot, a rarely reported disease in China in the past, becomes a major disease for cucumber in recent two years. By Aug. 22, 2013, registrations of two products have been approved for this disease, namely 35% difenoconazole+prochloraz EW from Qingdao Tisuncn and 42.8% fluopyram+trifloxystrobin SC from Bayer.
Noposion to acquire Changlong Chemicals' 15% stock equity
Noposion intends to acquire Changlong Chemicals' 15% stock equity held by Changzhou Industry & Trade State-owned Assets Management Company.
Rice false smut observed to be more serious than in past years
Due to the lack of resistance cultivars, rice false smut has been observed to be more serious than in the past years, and chemical control is still the main means for controlling this disease .
Qianjiang Biochemical achieves good performance in H1 2013
Qianjiang Biochemical's revenue and operating profit climbed to around USD40.15 million and USD2.05 million respectively in H1 2013, up by 19.04% and 3,101.93% year on year.
Huifeng Agrochemical's fungicide revenue grows significantly in H1 2013
Huifeng Agrochemical's fungicide revenue grew significantly in H1 2013, reaching around USD64.83 million, up by 100.68% year on year.
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