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China produced about 925 thousand tonnes of TiO2 in H1 2013, representing a YoY fall of 1.28%

According to CCM's investigation, China produced a total of approximately 925 thousand tonnes of TiO2 in H1 2013, a YoY fall of 1.28% compared with 937 thousand tonnes in H1 2012. In H1 2013, the domestic TiO2 price declined by more than 12%, due to the weak export conditions and the sluggish downstream demand. This caused some producers to reduce or halt production.
At the end of June 2013, TiO2 producers were still burdened by high inventory levels. However, the sluggish market condition has provided giant TiO2 producers opportunities to expand their market share through low price strategies. This has forced some small producers out of the market, which further accelerates the integration within the industry.
At the same time, market share of the top five domestic TiO2 producers was 37.57% in H1 2013, a 6.22% increase from H1 2012. This is primarily due to the launching of Sichuan Lomon's new project and the integration of CNNC Titanium, which have correspondingly raised their TiO2 capacities.
The top TiO2 producers have consolidated their places in the industry by increasing their output during H1 2013. Sichuan Lomon ranked first with an output of more than 100 thousand tonnes in H1 2013, compared with the output of 86 thousand tonnes in H1 2012. Sichuan Lomon acquired 300,000t/a of new TiO2 production capacity after its Xiangyang project went into operation in the beginning of 2013. The Xiangyang project largely increased Sichuan Lomon's TiO2 output in H1 2013. Shandong Dongjia ranked second with an output of approximately 75 thousand tonnes, a YoY increase of about 10%. CNNC Titanium leapfrogged Henan Billions and ranked third, with an output of 63 thousand tonnes after integrating the assets of CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. and Anhui Jinxing Titanium Co., Ltd. Henan Billions ranked fourth with a TiO2 output of 57.8 thousand tonnes, a YoY fall of 3.83%. Pangang Group was fifth, having produced 41.7 thousand tonnes in H1 2013. 
Meanwhile, under the weak market conditions in H1 2013, seven small TiO2 producers have halted their facilities. These seven small producers have a combined total TiO2 capacity of approximately 126 thousand tonnes.

Editor's notes
Headlines of this issue
Industrial Information
Import volume kept growth momentum while export volume reversed with double-digit MoM growth
Total titanium feedstock supply volume increased slightly while average import price fell sharply in July
Domestic TiO2 price kept relatively stable from mid-Aug. to mid-Sept.
Company dynamics
Henan Billions acquires first prize in sci-tech achievement as reward for its study on SCR TiO2
Listed TiO2 companies suffer average gross margin rate and total revenue fall in H1 2013
China produced about 925 thousand tonnes of TiO2 in H1 2013, representing a YoY fall of 1.28%
Lomon Corporation listed among 2013 Top 500 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises
Sichuan Lomon to break off the cooperation with WTR for jointly developing a world-class ilmenite project
Nippon Paint (China) leagues with Gold Mantis to enter the construction decoration industry
Increasing auto sales volume and customers' color predilection are expected to slightly boost the TiO2 demand

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