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Find Hot News in Crop Protection Monthly Report 1308

Hunan Haili
Hunan Haili was one of the few listed pesticide manufacturers confronted with loss in H1 2013
Jiangsu Yangnong
Jiangsu Yangnong's revenue and net profit in H1 2013 gained growth of 29.95% and 85.85% YoY, reaching USD259.46 million and USD32.24 million respectively
Jiangsu Lanfeng
Jiangsu Lanfeng experienced a revenue increase of 16.92% YoY, reaching USD118.82 million in H1 2013
Anhui Huaxing
Anhui Huaxing achieved revenue increase of 38.08% YoY in H1 2013, reaching USD115.44 million
Zhejiang Wynca
Zhejiang Wynca's revenue in the half year reached 590.62 million, the highest among the 21 mentioned listed pesticide enterprises in China, up 22.80% YoY
Zibo Wanchang
The revenue of Zibo Wanchang reached USD24.30 million in H1 2013, increasing slightly by 0.90% YoY
Nantong Jiangshan
Nantong Jiangshan's total revenue and net profit in H1 2013 reached USD280.81 million and USD21.26 million, up 17.93% and 2,211.91% respectively over those in H1 2012
Shenghua Biok
Shenghua Biok's revenue and net profit both declined in H1 2013, reaching USD132.78 million and USD3.87 million, down 0.20% and 24.11% YoY respectively
Hebei Veyong
Hebei Veyong's revenue and net profit in H1 2013 reached USD369.31 million and USD72.00 million, up 16.15% and 96.99% YoY respectively
Lier Chemical
Lier Chemical's revenue and net profit increased by 26.13% and 54.82% YoY to USD123.76 million and USD11.24 million respectively
Huapont-Nutrichem's total revenue reached about USD350.99 million, up 19.63% YoY
Shandong Shengli
In H1 2013, Shandong Shengli gained revenue of USD178.01 million, down 11.75% YoY
ABA chemicals
ABA chemicals' revenue and net profit in H1 2013 reached USD30.90 million and USD4.35 million, up 18.80% and 5.03% respectively over H1 2012
Nanjing Redsun
Nanjing Redsun enjoyed a slight revenue growth in H1 2013, up 1.62% YoY, reaching USD532.69 million
Noposion's revenue and net profit in H1 2013 achieved growth, reaching USD197.44 million and USD23.38 million, up 9.20% and 23.89% YoY respectively
Qianjiang Biochemical
Qianjiang Biochemical's revenue climbed to around USD39.74 million in H1 2013, up 19.04% YoY
Sanonda's revenue and net profit witnessed a large growth in H1 2013, reaching USD246.19 million and USD20.65 million, up 36.08% and 431.43% respectively over H1 2012
Hefei Fengle
Hefei Fengle's overall sales performance in H1 2013 was poorer than that in H1 2012
Lianhe Chemical
Lianhe Chemical's revenue in H1 2013 decreased to USD235.51 million, down 1.9% YoY, its net profit still witnessed an obvious growth, up by 18.75% YoY
Jiangsu Huifeng
Jiangsu Huifeng's revenue and net profit reached about USD165.33 million and USD12.28 million in H1 2013, up 42.89% and 53.88% YoY respectively
Jiangsu Changqing
Jiangsu Changqing has maintained rapid growth in both revenue and net profit in H1 2013
The rank of domestic listed pesticide enterprises by different indexes
Most of the 21 domestic listed pesticide (including pesticide intermediate)mentioned in this issue have made remarkable achievement in H1 2013

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