Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Production and consumption situation of China's acrylonitrile industry

China's acrylonitrile industry has enjoyed a steady expansion during 2008–2012. According to CCM’s report Market of Acrylonitrile in China, issued in February 2013, the domestic acrylonitrile capacity has exceeded 1.3 million t/a as of January 2013, while the consumption volume has been over 1.5 million tonnes, which means China still needs to import a considerable amount of acrylonitrile every year to fill the gap between supply and demand.

At present, acrylonitrile is mainly used in the production of acrylic fiber, ABS, PAM, acrylamide, NBR, etc. Among which, acrylic fiber is still the largest consumer of acrylonitrile, though its consumption demand for acrylonitrile has been dropping during 2008–2012.  

As for the other two downstream fields, namely ABS and PAM, they are expected to show remarkable performance in terms of output and consumption volume. ABS is even estimated to surpass acrylic fiber to be the largest consumer of acrylonitrile in China in the future, given its increasing growth of output.

In the report, CCM focuses on the production situation and consumption pattern of China's acrylonitrile industry during 2008–2012, and forecasts its development in the next five years. In “Production situation of acrylonitrile in China during 2008–2012” part, readers can obtain the basic information of acrylonitrile production and producers, geographical distribution of production and new projects or expansion programs in relation to acrylonitrile production.

The report has also revealed the import and export situation of acrylonitrile in China during 2011–2012. The findings are concluded by CCM’s researchers basing on a large amount of data sourced from China Customs. Through these findings readers can get a lot of intelligences on China’s acrylonitrile industry, such as major exporters and importers, export destinations, export and import volume and value. With respect to the consumption situation of acrylonitrile in China, CCM will give readers a detailed elaboration of the consumption pattern of acrylonitrile in main end segments, including acrylic fiber, ABS, acrylamide, NBR, etc. 

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