Monday, September 30, 2013

Find Hot News in Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report 1309

Published on the 25th every month, Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report  is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Titanium Dioxide market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. TiO2 China Monthly Report will provide intelligence of Chinese TiO2 industry, including supply/demand, company dynamics, raw material supply, etc, and the latest policies and technological progress to facilitate your search for commercial opportunities in this promising market.

Following are headline news of the Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report:
Increasing auto sales volume and customers' color predilection are expected to slightly boost the TiO2 demand
The production and sales volume of domestic automobile industry both saw double-digit YoY growth during Jan.–Aug. 2013. The growth in the automobile industry will help boost the demand for TiO2.
Domestic TiO2 price kept relatively stable from mid-Aug. to mid-Sept.
The domestic TiO2 prices were relatively stable from mid-Aug. to mid-Sept. Any future price increases may depend on a supply reduction if the downstream demand continues to weaken.
Nippon Paint (China) leagues with Gold Mantis to enter the construction decoration industry
Competition in the paint & coating industry is fierce. Therefore, vertical cooperation agreements such as the cooperation between Gold Mantis and Nippon Paint (China) is a wise strategy to further the common interests of both parties.
Lomon Corporation listed among 2013 Top 500 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises
Lomon Corporation was selected as one of the 2013 Top 500 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises and also as one of the 2013 Top Chinese Chemical Enterprises. These two achievements demonstrate Lomon Corporation's competitiveness among private manufacturing enterprises and in the domestic chemistry industry.
Total titanium feedstock supply volume increased slightly while average import price fell sharply in July
The domestic supply of titanium feedstock in July increased by 2.35% MoM, while the average import price fell sharply by 22.65% MoM. The decline proves that the attempts by titanium feedstock producers to raise prices during June have failed.
Import volume kept growth momentum while export volume reversed with double-digit MoM growth
During Jan. 2013–July 2013, China imported 116,582 tonnes and exported 240,128 tonnes of TiO2. Therefore, the Jan. 2013–July 2013 turnover for TiO2 was 356,710 tonnes, a decrease of 7.70% compared to 386,470 tonnes in the same epriod of 2012, mainly due to the weak demand of downstream industries.
China produced about 925 thousand tonnes of TiO2 in H1 2013, representing a YoY fall of 1.28%
China produced approximately 925 thousand tonnes of TiO2 in H1 2013, representing a YoY fall of 1.28%. The top five producers' market share increased by 6.22% YoY to 37.57%.
Listed TiO2 companies suffer average gross margin rate and total revenue fall in H1 2013
The five listed TiO2 companies' average gross margin from their TiO2 products fell by 10.10% in H1 2013. Also, their total revenue declined by 16.94% in H1 2013 compared with that in H1 2012.
Henan Billions acquires first prize in sci-tech achievement as reward for its study on SCR TiO2
The niche SCR TiO2 market in China has drawn many domestic TiO2 giants including Henan Billions who recently acquired the first prize of Science and Technology Achievement Award bestowed by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Henan Province for its efforts on the study of SCR TiO2. However, the competition in the SCR TiO2 market might intensify with competitors' pouring into the market.
Sichuan Lomon to break off the cooperation with WTR for jointly developing a world-class ilmenite project
Sichuan Lomon has decided to break off the cooperation with WTR, mainly due to its recent fundraising difficulties. The cooperation with WTR was regarded as a crucial step for Sichuan Lomon's expansion as it was expected to provide Sichuan Lomon with sufficient titanium feedstock resources.

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